One day I should sit down and write

Growing up it was important to my dad that I was aware of what went on in the world. Sure I played outside with all the other kids in the neighborhood. But those years in my teens, on weekends I would help him with his business. And as we drove from place to place, from south New Jersey, up to New York City, as far west as Harrisburg, and south towards Baltimore we would listen to talk radio. Would listen to the hosts talking about what was going on in the world. A great deal of it was incomprehensible to me. When they talked about Vietnam and how soldiers were treated once they were home, I did not understand. My dad did. He was in the Navy during Korea. When they talked about war in the Middle East, or Race riots here in the states, it seemed worlds away from where I called home. And yet now that I am much older. I see how close things really were. When I see the violent protests of today, those people thinking that acting in that manner will bring about change, I remember hearing my dad talk about working in New York and being worried about working on projects in government buildings. I’ve talked to my father in law who lived and worked in those areas where bombs seemed to go off almost daily. We go through cycles of change. Things get bad and bandages are ripped off exposing raw wounds. But eventually things heal up some, and life goes on. We forget a lot of the bad, our generation promises to make things better. And for a time they are. And another generation comes, and one after that, and people forget what has gone before. And history repeats itself. 

Violence never solves anything. Prejudice and Bias just lead to bitterness. Never be envious of what someone else has. It may seem amazing on the surface. But they may wish for a different life. We all make choices. Some good. Some bad. Hopefully any bad ones we can overcome, or make amends. Life is not always fair. But demanding help never works the way you want. Asking may have strings attached you never expect. Share and embrace the good in your life. Surround yourself with people there to stand beside you, to steady your arm. Never look to be lead or carried. Be you, and the rest of the world can accept it or not. Do not get angry if they won’t. 
Yeah. Some day I should really sit down and write a lot of things down. Maybe tomorrow or the next. But someday for sure. 


2 thoughts on “One day I should sit down and write

  1. I wonder often if the horrors that we see in the news have really been going on always and not simply a sign of the times. Shootings in nightclubs, for example, that may have happened many times over the past 500 years but we’d not see the news of it. Like you wrote, nothing really is new; the world isn’t escalating – the bad stuff has always happened. Society is not suddenly churning out pedophiles, that percentage must be fairly even.
    I remember walking in East LA, the news showed frequently the shootings and the violence. It was a pretty day, people were working in their yards, I felt no threat at all. My reality has been one of security even when walking down the streets of what the news told me was a dangerous place.

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    1. It’s always been there. Always will be. Just now the news and every social media outlet is pushing it in our face as fast as it’s happening.


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