So Guldan, we meet for the last, first time…

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I did Nighthold Heroic last night with the guild.  I died many times, mostly because I had no clue what I was doing, there were times Deadly Boss Mods told me to get away from everyone, and I did, only I was supposed to be with someone, times when there were beams to be avoided that occurred right on top of where I was standing.  I lost count.  I think in the entire evening, there were only two wipes at low percentage health due to just bad luck.  They cleared the entire thing on Heroic in about 2 1/2 hours with a few breaks and people switching around roles.  Heck there was even one fight they single tanked and solo healed, for 18 people in the group.  So I got my Ahead of the Curve.

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I did it with the guild.  And I really don’t want to do that ever again.  Maybe it is just how badly I feel I play in relation to others.  I hear them in vent challenging each other to gather up as much as they can and them cleaving for over 2 million DPS, when I am back trying to keep up and barely have a chance to put DoTs on a target or two.  I miss having Mind Sear, I even miss Cascade and Halo.  I miss being one of the people that has a chance to put up some big numbers.  Even if it is only on trash.  To me, the Shadowpriest has been gutted.  We have had just about all utility removed in favor of us potentially being able to post huge numbers in a multi add fight.  Maybe even do well single target.  All of the flavor of the class has been stripped.  What is left for me is a shell of a character.  I no longer have survivability like I use to, certainly don’t have a simple AoE ability, everything has been altered to suit someone’s idea of a complex exciting class design. All that is left for me is just being the guy that runs behind looting things because everyone else has plowed the road and killed everything.  That gets brought along to get a kill.  I got my Ahead of the Curve, and it feels very hollow.  Even though I did manage to stay alive for all of Guldan.


4 thoughts on “So Guldan, we meet for the last, first time…

    1. I’m sure you will get it. The raid team was commenting that it was just a touch easier getting everything down. Mechanics still rule.


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