Not much going on

Haven’t felt much like writing. The Broken Shore is continuing. Several more weeks of that. Class Hall quest?  Not even sure if I’m on it any more. Do I need to defeat the guys in the Mage Tower to advance it?  If so, never going to happen. I hit 900 gear, gave it a shot having a slightly better idea of what to do, and still was 1 shot because an interupt was about 2 seconds before I could cast. Not really thrilled with a lot of things in Legion, and gating story behind difficult skill challenges is right up there. 

2 thoughts on “Not much going on

  1. Nah. That Mage Tower thing is not the Order Hall thing. Look up Breaching the Tomb Achievement, that’ll tell you your progress. Right now, this new week, the step is to kill 100 dreary demons. If you are behind, I think if you finish one then you’ll get the next right away.

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