Last night I helped someone do an invasion. 

I saw the new person in guild ask. Can someone please fly me around for the Azuna invasions?  I was next door in the pit killing my 100 demons and said certainly. I invited them, saw they were in the Dreamgrove and flew up to get them. I made it in and discovered the spit and was ported out before they could hop on. Darn Druids not wanting a lowly Priest contaminating their holy place I guess. 

So I flew them around, hit all 6 invasions, did the bonus followup quests and the scenario. All in all it maybe took 30 minutes of my evening. I picked up a lot of stuff to sell and disenchant, and a decent amount of Artifact Power. It was enjoyable to do, because I didn’t have to do it. Would it have been better if killing all the demons counted towards the 100 I needed?  Certainly. But I understand. Those are part of a quest. We need to kill them in the pit. 

In other news. Blizzard had a blog post on Guild Management and Security.

I had asked if they were going to be looking at working on things and was recommended by the @BluzzardCS account to post ideas on the forums. So I did.
But such is the nature of the General Forums that if it isn’t controversial it quickly slid multiple pages. Maybe it was noticed. Maybe not. But I put my thoughts out there. Apparently I should have used bullet points. But LoL, I did not recall posting some ideas needed to be outlayed as a full presentation. 

That’s about all going on. 

5 thoughts on “Last night I helped someone do an invasion. 

    1. He was a Druid Tank. So grabbed up lots of mobs, I would toss the occasional shield and just killed things. It was fun to do, and I helped someone out.


  1. (On behalf of Druids, I apologize for denying you access to our grove! It´s very…Sacred 😉

    You bring on a lot of valid points. Great site and observations you have here, by the way, glad I came across it 🙂 Looking forward to see more from you!

    Liked by 1 person

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