Wonderous Stories


I am sure many of you saw this week that Christie Golden is now a part of the Blizzard family.  And I am very hopeful that she will breath in some much needed depth to the franchise.  The general outline of the expansions are always there, but there has been something missing for quite some time.  Many can point to Wrath and say best expansion ever, and I wonder, is it because of the story, the depth of the whole thing.  Mists of Pandaria was close, with the overall story arc, unfortunately for me, it seems like it reached a point and they said, ok, that’s it then, moving on.  We all saw the start of the return of the Veil, but they left it as one tree growing. I sometimes wonder if they are missing an opportunity to devote a small amount of resources to updating the older content.  Give new hire’s something to work on and play around with.  Finishing off the bad guy and moving on may be fine for awhile, but it seems like so much unfinished business.  How long did it take for them to rebuild Stormwind?  Azeroth is a living breathing entity, it doesn’t just exist in a moment in time.

There were so many original quests, Mankirks wife, the corresponding one for the Alliance where Naga had killed a mans family.  There was a deep purpose and meaning for you to go seeking retribution.  Certainly there were many go kill 500 Basilisks for their eyes, but so many subtle quests, lost loves brought back together, tragedies, plenty to make you want to be the hero.  And the story has always been the appeal to many.  Having read War Crimes, being able to visualize the entire book, the heroes, the protagonists, wanting to know, just what is Wrathion up to.  I have hope that kind of story finds its way into the game.

This week we completed week 7? of 11 for the Class hall campaign. We had to navigate around to find 10 treasure chests.  That was it.  Hero, I need you to go find 10 boxes that randomly appear, and sometimes disappear as you are looting them.  Why?  I’m not sure.  You just need to go find them for me.  oh and here is 1500 rep with Legionfall, and some Artifact Power for you.  I did it on Wednesday, last night I flew my wife around for near 90 minutes, had 6 chests despawn right in front of us.  It was boring and monotonous doing it. And there wasn’t a good reason too be doing it.  Look at some of the other world quests there.  Heroes, I’ve lost my luggage, I need you to put these Naga in their place, when all they are doing is sitting by the shore line tossing rocks into the ocean. I can’t tell you how many times I have flown loops around the island hearing, Khadgar, Odin, Thisalee Crow, and others, just pop up with a Hero, I need your help.  It has gotten old very quickly.  About the only thing I have left to get from there is the once a week quest.  There is no other reason to be there.  Rewards from quests are just disenchanted, even the Epic gear purchased for 5000 shards is nothing for me.  Perhaps this is why they added the bonus for doing Exalted +10,000 for a chance to get a mount.  Maybe the game feels small now because it is only focused in one location.  Northrend, Outland, even Pandaria felt huge compared to what we have now.  Adding in mountains and difficult to navigate by ground terrain may have slowed us down, but now with flight, Whistles, Portals, fast flight plans, the entire expansion feels very small indeed.  Maybe it is that there is too much unknown about who the ultimate bad guy is.  We knew the Lich King, he was everywhere, we knew Deathwing, Garrosh, Garrosh 2.0/Guldan, now Guldan 2.0/??

I don’t know really.  I just hope the next expansion has a fresh look, more depth to the story, more reason to get in there and fight the bad guy, but also to see improvements on what has gone before, not just Ok then, I said the words, all right, moving on.

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