The Ministry of Silly Walks

I have been trying to find something positive to talk about. And for lack of really not much going on in WoW with the story, I was pondering Artifact Powah. 

Last night I got level 46. I have 4?, 5?, 6? To go?  Not sure. It’s so far out of reach I have stopped chasing the number. I think my Artifact Knowledge is now 200,000,000% which is a silly number in itself. Because I can math, needing 140 million AP to the next level shows me that the quest rewards for World Quests are not even 1 point. They are a fraction. Maybe someone was smoking something out there and had a brilliant idea. Let’s give them rewards for doing quests that are worth Millions. Players like to see big numbers right?  But then they put in the building table where you need to gather 100 resources to place a work order for a small amount of rep. It is almost like there are multiple design teams all off working on their own aspect of the game, doing their own thing. Meeting their scheduled deadline. I collected the 10 treasures twice. Once by myself while my wife was clearing Heroic Nighthold again, and once to help her by flying her around for over an hour. And what did 10 treasures get me in AP, less than 1 bar. Killing the World Boss in Highmountain got me 17 million for 2 minutes work. Sending out follower missions got me one that procked for double for 15 million, and two others for 3.3 million each. And it has to be the most boring and unsatisfying task I have ever worked on. Even below farming the Defias Brotherhood for 1 rep each. The end goal, which I believe is more than a Billion AP away for me, has gotten to be so off putting that it has become silly, and I am just going to walk away. I could go all out, hit every World quest everyday. And at some point finish it. But will this level be it?  Or will they just add another 10 ranks to extend the life span of World Questing. The amount of time and effort needed has turned me away from leveling any Alts. I thought I could, but after getting two of them just into the Class Hall I have contemplated just deleting them entirely. Well except the bankers. If it was something as basic as 10 or 20 World quests to complete a level, that might be more palatable until you realize that’s 500 to 1000 quests to do. Seems pretty silly to me. 

What has occurred to me, is if you took the endless repetition of World Quests, and need to continually feed your weapon for incremental increases, there really isn’t a lot to the story. We needed to train Withered at the start, what happened to them. We took back the city and now what. The entire expansion feels like a 90% job. We completed parts of the story 90%, and are off to the next story Arc. It feels incomplete. Why after finishing the Suramar City quest chain in entirety am I still seeing the same quests, the same guards. It is like a department hit a deadline and were told, you’re out of time pack it, stack it, ship it. Move on to the next. The whole, when it’s ready, feels like it’s gone out the window and down the road to the next county. 

I don’t know. Maybe it’s me getting older. Seeing the game like I see my job. Something I do everyday over and over. Sure some aspects may change, but I’ve been doing the same job for 31 years, been doing the same job in game for 7. I don’t like playing other classes. Just cannot get invested in them. Maybe they are trying to prolong the whole expansion. Forcing us to take time, to complete it on a longer schedule. The Class Hall mount line is 11 weeks?  These last few weeks the quest seemed meh. Go collect 10 treasures?  Why?  Because Khadgar is a slob and has left his shite all over the island?  We have several of the most powerful NPCs in the game popping up on our screens tasking us with busy work. And I’m ready to walk away. 

4 thoughts on “The Ministry of Silly Walks

  1. Such a shame this is how everything is panning out for you. Perhaps time for a hiatus – refresh, recharge?

    FWIW – I think the numbers for AP are silly and I’m only on the first bit. I couldn’t imagine chasing it to the end. Is there an end?!!!

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    1. I thought of a good analogy for the expansion. Imagine a gourmet feast. Every delicious food you have ever imagined. You saw the picture of what it looks like. You’ve worked hard to get to the table. They bring out your first plate, you cannot wait to taste all of these wonderful creations. And they place the plate in front of you and it’s a few beautifully prepared Brussel Sprouts. Not a big serving, just a small portion. And the waiter comes back once you are done and tells you to come back next week, after you have worked some more on your weapon, and you will receive the next portion. And this goes on for 11 week stretches. Eventually you get really hungry from all the work you had to do, and decide the reward may not be worth it. And instead decide a McDonalds value meal (doing old content) is not so bad. At least it can fill you up.

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