An analogy for Legion

At the suggestion of Mr. And Mrs. WoW. 

I thought of a good analogy for the expansion. Imagine a gourmet feast. Every delicious food you have ever imagined. You saw the picture of what it looks like. You’ve worked hard to get to the table. They bring out your first plate, you cannot wait to taste all of these wonderful creations. And they place the plate in front of you and it’s a few beautifully prepared Brussel Sprouts. Not a big serving, just a small portion. 

And the waiter comes back once you are done and tells you to come back next week, after you have worked some more on your weapon, and you will receive the next portion. And this goes on for 11 week stretches. Eventually you get really hungry from all the work you had to do, and decide the reward may not be worth it. And instead decide a McDonalds value meal (doing old content) is not so bad. At least it can fill you up. 

3 thoughts on “An analogy for Legion

  1. Yeah, that is pretty spot on. When it comes to content in 7.2 – it has us all puzzled I think! Broken Shore feels so detached somehow. For me, getting those “Do Class Hall Mission” quests are making me quite annoyed – since it prevents me from moving forward! I finally had time to start on Suramar quest part 2 and I just have Khadgar asking me to do XX Class Hall Missions. RIGHT when I had sent my Champions out on the Missions that lasts 3 days. Come on.

    Oh well. I will never be bored in game, I enjoy visiting old content, and have plenty to do and I´m always enjoying myself! 🙂 Just too bad about the questing on the Broken Shore, that´s for sure.

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