AK 37 AP 46

Last night I completed Artifact Knowledge level 37. I have 3 more to go to cap it at 40. A few days ago it was hot fixed from 50 down to 40. So I’m about a week and a half I will earn Artifact Power at 4,000,000%. You might say, wow, that’s a big multiplier, you should cap your weapon real fast. I am closing in on level 47. My next level will require 200 million AP, I read someone needs a billion. The only hope I had was that eventually I would have had level 50, earning 55 million percent. And all they did was move the finish line so far out that I’m not even concerned about ever completing it. The expansion will be long over by the time I’m done. Oh I am sure in a few months after Tomb has been out for quite awhile, they will do something. Will add more levels to the weapon to make it more powerful, will add something in to help people along. They can do what ever they want with the game. Just as I can choose to do things or not. I’ve known for a long time I’m not the person they are designing for. Not part of the player base they are courting. I hope they realize eventually that moving the finish line further and further away does not push people to work harder, to play longer to keep up, it just pushes them to step away from the race entirely. 

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