Personal thoughts on violence. 

I’m sure many will have all sorts of opinions that differ. This is just something I want to say. Like it or not. 

There are violent people in the world. They may be inherently so, may have grown up in a situation that instilled that behavior, may have suffered something to make them wish to harm others. They will hide behind religious beliefs, cultural pyhlosophy, even join hate groups just so they feel justified in their actions. They are not from poor backgrounds, or impoverished countries. They could be your neighbor, a family member, someone you knew growing up. We see the comments in the news. He was a quiet boy, he was top of his class, he had everything going for him. Do not be surprised that violence exists in the world. Look at any protest about our presidential election. How many millions of dollars in damage was caused because people didn’t like Trump. How many people supporting him were beaten just for wearing a hat, or shirt. These are just normal everyday people that for a moment in time felt they could just do anything and indulge primal instincts. We all clamor in outrage because one person attacked children at a concert. Are we outraged when children in other countries are shot and killed because they happened to follow a religious belief others condemned?  Of course not. Those are those other people. Not us. You want to spread love and compassion to make everyone feel welcome. I’m sorry. It may work for 99 people. Even 99,999 people may thank you for the chance to start a new life. But there will always be one, or a dozen, or a hundred, that have been a part of a culture of violence spanning thousands of years. 

I saw a video of a Black Lives Matter supporter yelling, kill all the white people, all of your stuff is ours now, black power. And just as you may say we are afraid of the police, how can you not wonder why a person may not offer to lend a hand, to say something as innocent as good morning. I was at a Walmart. I got into my car, started pulling out and saw an older couple walking up, so I stopped to wait. The woman held up her phone yelling Black Lives Matter you white motherfu$&@. You wanna hit me with your shiny new car?  I’m recording all of this. I just sat there in disbelief. Her husband stood there saying that’s right, that’s right. They continued on and got into a car a lot newer than my 12 year old Ford. I never said one word. Had barely moved a foot from the parking space, and they were at least two cars away when I saw them. 

Everyone is struggling. We all are feeling pressure. We take pay cuts to keep our jobs, we work 40,50,60 hours a week just to get by. We see others doing better than us, and yeah, we may be envious. The difference is that the majority of people would give the food off their plate to help another. Would open their home to help a friend. But not everyone is like that, nor is everyone grateful for any help. 

I see all the time. Not all Muslims are like that. Well, it’s true also, not all white, Christian, German, Polish, Mexican, Chinese, Jewish, Buddhist, every race and religion on the planet. Most of us just live our lives, try to be good people, and hope that maybe we leave this world a little better than when we got here. We work at life because life is hard work. We struggle. We care. We try to survive. You say we should bring all of the refugees to our countries. Have you ever thought that maybe some of them resent being relocated?  Maybe they wanted to stay in the city where their family has lived for generations?  We as a global community pump billions of dollars in military aid to both sides of the fights. It almost feels like an agreement was made decades ago. No one can win the Cold War. Let’s choose sides in the Middle East and let them fight for us. They’ve been fighting for thousands of years. Let’s just give them better weapons to do so. If you cut off all the military supplies people would still try to kill each other with swords and knives, even rocks. There will always be a person or persons that decide they want what you have. And have no problem killing you for it. Look what happened in the 1977 blackout in New York City. Look back at the violence of the 60’s and early 70’s. Violence is not new. It has always been here, will always be here. It may ease for a time after some major war, or something so horrid it even causes the most violent people to pause. 

Was the bombing tragic, yes certainly, as tragic as any lose of life any day of the week. The IRA placed 10000 bombs over near 30 years, the United States, and any number of countries have all had moments in time where people have resorted to a level of violence, far beyond just sitting down and talking to work out differences. All we can do in our lives is try to be a good person, to hold a door for someone, to say good morning, to help an elderly neighbor cut their grass, to donate to charity to help those in need. We cannot save the world, but we can try to make our little part of it better. Asking your government to save the world is just telling them you want them to fix the other persons problems. And maybe they don’t want us to fix it. 

My wife has a friend. She has known her for 30+ years. I knew her daughter when she was in diapers. She was a good person, she grew up with music in her heart and had the world ahead of her. Christina was thrilled to meet any fan, any one that loved her music. And one evening after a show, a fan killed her. It was a horrible tragedy. She was so young. And soon after a nightclub was shot up in the same city. There are violent people in the world. And sometimes they just need an excuse. No amount of prayer, or hand holding, marches, or love will ever change that. All we can do is live our lives, and try to do one thing to make things better for someone else, without expecting something in return. 

One thought on “Personal thoughts on violence. 

  1. After the terrible events in Manchester this week, I hold my kids that little bit longer now. One stupid, radicalised extremist took babies away from their parents and I can’t comprehend why anyone would even consider doing that.

    What world is this turning into? It worries me.

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