That player is no more

We had the son of a couple that stopped playing years ago rejoin the guild the other day.  His parents were officers in the guild, and due to work, real life, they just stopped playing near the end of Mists.  Their son was in the guild with them at the time, I don’t think they played all that much if memory serves.  But they asked for an invite back. The person that invited them works from home, so was logged in to invite.  It was not long before they asked for help doing something, then ninja invited them.  When it was explained they were in work, there were some nasty comments made, and then they logged out.  So last night I was curious.  What ever happened to their parents characters.  Did they resub and just go elsewhere?

So I tried an armory search, but that was not very helpful, and I went to WoW Progress to scan back through the years of who has left.  And what was startling to me was the shear amount of blanks for characters no longer in the game.  I don’t mean the odd blank space here and there.  Over 4+ years probably a hundred people have just left the game, or deleted characters completely.  It has always been a part of the game, people join and leave.  But I have a gut feeling that this is a much bigger thing than we realize.  I don’t necessarily see it in guild, because we have so many in the roster, and seeing upwards of 35-40 people online at night is normal.  But is it because our universe is shrinking?  That we only see the game from our small corner of the world?  Connecting realms may have given the illusion the game was more populated, and cross realm tech even more so.  But I hate to say it, but I think Warcraft may be on the ropes.  And I do not think blame can be placed at anyone’s feet.

Design of the game, attitudes of the players, general attrition, lack of something revolutionary to breath life into the world.  There is always a point where people wander away, but even though we have not even hit 1 year in Legion, it feels like this has been one long drawn out tale, from Pandaria to now.  Garrosh was a bad guy, but Guldan was worse, and now Kiljaeden. Who next?  There has not been a solid line in the sand drawn since Wrath and Cata where we killed the bad guy and that was it.

Anyway, happy Friday, enjoy the holiday weekend.

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