The hidden terror lurking

I’m sure many have driven down a beautiful tree lined street, and thought how nice it looked. I wish we owned a home here. 

But there is a terror lurking beneath that many would never suspect. And it is not cute either. 

No. I’m talking about tree roots. Roots that continue to grow and destroy all in their path to a free supply of water. 

I found out over the weekend that I had some roots on my sewer line. You usually find out when the water backs up into a basement sink. Hopefully you notice before it overflows, or you have more than just water from washing dishes to clean up. 

If your home was built prior to 1983 it is highly likely you have Terra Cotta pipes from the foundation of your home to the street. Over time roots find their way in and grow. I found out the hard way this is my situation. My problem was temporarily solved for $400 over the weekend. But the remains of the roots are still there. Still growing. And these are roots from trees that have been gone for years. 

The cost to replace the sewer line for me?  $7,800 minimum. Providing there were no problems. It’s not anything you ever consider when you are buying your first home. But something you learn the hard way. In a worse case I may lose my front steps and part of a wall if front of my home. I could be looking at another $5000 or more on top of the $7800. 

So buyer beware. There is s hidden cost to that tree lined street. 

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