3 Class Hall Missions

That’s this weeks quest to advance the 11 week story.  I would have been happy repeating a quest to kill more demons, or something.  But 3 missions?  That seems like the bottom of the barrel is being scrapped.  Also we have a 30% buff on rep gains, kind of a why for many since we have gone beyond exalted with Legionfall.  All in all a lot of people in guild chat were scratching their heads, wondering, “is that it?”  We have what, 1 maybe 2 weeks left before 7.2.5 is eminent?  For folks like me that will see Tomb in LFR, we have a long was to wait before we will see the final fight, or is it even the final battle, could there be even more content to the expansion, could this end up being the longest drawn out expansion with tons of content that people just got bored of doing?

Time will tell.  I expect in, oh, maybe 3 years before we hear comments like Warlords was not so bad, Legion was worst expansion ever, Pandaria is the best.  Things change, we like them or not.  The dice was rolled with Legion, for many is was a solid 11, for others it was craps.  All I know is that it has been just ok for me.  I have lost faith in my ability to play, feel the skill cap to play my class has been raised beyond me, and as a result only do what little I can out in the world for something to do.  The prospect of seeing more old content recycled to be level appropriate has no appeal to me, nor does running the same dungeons at ever increasing difficulties.  Taking days off because there is not much that I want to do, is very easy.  I have my reasons for staying, but they are getting harder to justify.

4 thoughts on “3 Class Hall Missions

    1. Over the years I’ve given other classes a try. Even have a second Blood Elf Shadow Priest, and a Worgen one. I just can’t get the same feeling playing them. My main started as a Night Elf, then Blood Elf, Goblin, back to Blood Elf, and finally Panda. I can’t really explain the attachment. Maybe because I learned so much playing him, have done so much. 8 years is a lot of time invested.

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  1. Hi, first time commenter.

    “Could there be even more content to the expansion” – there is yeah, as announced at Blizzcon there’ll be another raid coming (I’ll not say more, since I assume you’re not spoiling yourself).

    I really don’t understand where you’re coming from with “longest drawn out expansion with tons of content that people got bored with” – there’s tons of content but it’s been pretty swift I think – three raid-bearing patches within a year is pretty good going – and I don’t know anyone bored with it.

    The attendance at Nighthold raids has been dropping off a bit recently, but there’s a new one only a few weeks away. And it’s not like people aren’t logging in – they’re running alts, or grinding Nethershards, or PvPing, or trying for their challenge transmog.


    1. Hi, thank you for reading and commenting. Always a nice day when I get a notice there is a comment.

      What I was alluding to is the interweaving of content with other things to stretch it out. Missions that reward a quest to go do a dungeon for the 20th time, quests in raids to kill every boss multiple times on heroic difficulty, doing World quests over and over to gain an emissary cache. I’ve lost track of how many times I have repeated some to a point I just don’t want to do them any more. I agree. The first go through was a swift pace, but repeating things many times, I almost feel like I have leveled 5 Alts on my main.

      Part of why I wrote that was the chat in guild with people wondering if there was something missing. How could the 10th week of a quest chain be just send your followers out to complete 3 missions. On top of that, I found out they need to be Legionfall missions. And unfortunately for me, I have had 0 for two days.


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