Little Chromie is about to…

Hats off to any that understand the reference, or recall hours playing in the Arcade.

So we have a new scenario incoming I saw mention of this awhile back, and someone had a YouTube video up of the PTR explaining what had to be done.  I wont spoil any of it except to say you will be entering multiple portals to solve a problem, and there is a fixed time limit, or well, we know the outcome.

And I will pass on this.  Will I give it one shot?  Probably just once and hope I get it, because I will not be doing this multiple time, and I am willing to bet gold that at some point we will see missions in the Class Hall offering quests to go in and do it again.  The general thought I saw in the review was you will have a very short time, only a few minutes, to solve the problem and get out and on to the next.  And for me that is just continuing the bad design philosophy that has become prevalent in the game.  Speed runs.  Lets put a timer on everything, lets encourage the bad behavior, pull to much, race through, try to skip mobs, don’t let the healer mana up, don’t let players get their health back up before pulling the next.  It is a play style suited to the

All of us that have been around for years recall.  We fought for a long time for tanks to Line of Sight pull, to keep pulls small and manageable.  Having everyone alive going from mob to mob to boss.  And yet this entire expansion is all about the need for speed.  Maybe they are judging the appeal of doing things fast to see how it may play out in competition of some type.  WoW has always been a testing bed for ideas that find their way to other games.

For any that play a Shadowpriest, the thoughts of running something that will have us flat at the bottom because nothing will live long enough to get a cast off, the concept is horrible.  I just won’t play.  I do not care if there is a mount, I don’t care if the new Legendary ring is locked behind completing the scenario, I could care less about the Time Lord title.  Gear?  Probably in the 880-890 range I would guess, worthless to me.

And as a final note.  If she is supposed to keep the timelines safe, how did she let Warlords of Draenor happen.  Oh yeah, that’s right, you would have had to have read Warcrimes to possibly know the answer to that.


3 thoughts on “Little Chromie is about to…

  1. What a good review on this. I had no idea it would be about speed. I was very excited about this thing, but not if it´s like that.

    I wholeheartedly agree. I dislike Mythic+ as well and never do them. I see no skill in just rushing and AoEing it all. I really, really wish it would change. Sometimes I feel alone with these thoughts. I´m glad I came across this, because it means I am not. I grouped with few tanks in Legion that corner pull, use LoS and what not. I always be sure to compliment them. Stand up and be on their side, when the group complains and asks them to “go, go, go!” and the dps starts pulling on their own, I sure as hell won´t be healing them.

    I wonder what it takes to change this road in game? It´s like that in the real world too. The majority of people seem to like it.

    Ahh, wowcrendor, thanks for posting that 🙂

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