Is it time to treat all players equally

Next week we will see the Tomb of Sargeras open up, and yet once again the top raiders in the world will be off to the races to see how much of the testing they have done in the PTR these past weeks/months pays off in the race to be worlds first.  Many other guilds world wide will make their first attempts at Normal level, perhaps even Heroic.  And everyone else?  Those that will wait a week to see the first three fights in LFR?  We get to sit and wait.  Perhaps it is just a means to prevent the top people from feeling they need to run not only their raids on Heroic, but also LFR to fill Tier set bonuses as fast as possible.  In the end, it just feels like we are given the scraps from the table.

There is so much to this game that rewards you for playing to unhealthy levels, encourages you to stay logged in for hours at a time, that if you miss a day, you are behind, you need to have the app to maximize your Class Hall missions, you need to max your Emissary quests every week, need to be working on your 3rd or 4th concordance, heck, I don’t even know what a Concordance is.  I guess I will get one at some point.  I think I hit Artifact Knowledge 40 last night, it’s hard to say since I cannot place a work order to see how much time is left.  I haven’t logged in these past few days.  There really has not been much that has any interest for me to do.

I know many people will say, you are all equal, if you feel you should be able to do something in game as soon as it’s released, you should go do it, should join a guild that can get it for you, or move to a server where there are many doing what you want.  I love my sever, I love the people, it is my home, and I do what content I can, when it is available to me.  I started long after many, and it took me awhile to get to this point where I am current with everything.  I only play one character, and that has made staying current more simple, but the downside is that I have to wait awhile, it will be several weeks as they unlock one wing after another, and I think that stretching it all out dilutes the experience.  If all the wings were open, if there was something compelling about them, I would probably run them over and over just as I did during Cata.  Gear alone is not an incentive, but the development team seems to think it is.  The story is what we all want to see, we want to experience.  And we are treated like an afterthought, oh it’s only LFR, give the bads something to do, let them see the content watered down, if they really wanted it, they could join a raid guild.  We’ve all heard it, we get that many want to make themselves seem better than the majority because they play at a different level. But the funny thing is, if we get tired of being the kick bag, we may eventually just go do other things.

Best of luck to all those heading into the Tomb, I hope it offers the challenges you seek, and just rewards.  I will see it in two weeks or so.  Enjoy the weekend.


11 thoughts on “Is it time to treat all players equally

  1. I’m pretty inspired by Kamalia et alia,, design your own game. Personally, I like making Projects. Yes, that word is capped. I find that goal and try it out and it can be a lot of things from filling our raid tab with a column of lavish feasts to tmog to gold making to pet battling to raiding to dungeoning to toys (and more toys), heck, we have a woman in our guild who has switched entirely to pvp after being an achievement hunter for years! Scraps or no, there is a lot in this game, I think.

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  2. I hear where you are coming from.

    I will only get to see the LFR version of ToS, but Im in no hurry to see it.
    I think its being released in that way, with LFR later on, to encourage us to be part of a guild/devote more time to the game, in order to see it earlier. It makes those, that are able to see it earlier, feel as if the time and energy they invest in it, at least gives them an advantage compared to those of us with less time. I cant be sure, of course, its just a guess. But with Mythic+, I have heard that raiders feel, that raiding seems to be less and less rewarding.

    Im glad LFR exists, so I can see the Raids, and participate in the storytelling (when its there) in game.

    But yeah, there is a ton in this game to do for me, besides LFR.

    I’m sorry to hear you still are losing interest in the game.
    What do you mostly enjoy to do? 🙂

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      1. I’m coming up on 8 years playing. I feel like the first years were spend catching up to all those that have been here from the beginning. At some point I did. And now I work on what’s current to the best of my ability, but feel like the finish line keeps getting moved further away behind more and more difficult content. You can’t complete your professions without running Mythic dungeons, need to do the raids on Normal or higher to unlock things, are constantly being bombarded with quests to repeat the same over and over. It’s like being on the Merry go round, always reaching for the brass ring, almost getting it, only to have it be moved further out of reach.

        I’ve seen the comment, it’s not the game, you are the problem. The game is what it is. But you reach a point where it’s not so bad you would just walk away, but it’s missing something to make you want to race home and get logged in.

        I’ve recently thought. Chris Metzen was very influential in story development. But I wonder if he has been mostly absent these past expansions while he worked on Overwatch and other new titles. On the surface the outline is there. But it is missing something. Something that Wrath had, that Cataclysm, and Pandaria had. The deeper story. Maybe the hiring of Christie Golden will have an impact on the depth of the story.

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      2. You are making a lot of sense. I try not to think too much about it – but I share your oppinion on what you write; I was really very discouraged to find out, that the long quest chain I was working on, and liked the content of, suddenly had to end for me, because it needs me to raid (I think its the one to unlock artifact tint etc).

        Yes one might say “Well, everyone can just find a raid group through the Premade system and go in!”, but I simply do not have more than an hour of gametime undisturbed to play, so it will never happen. For the same reason i wasnt able to do the “Timewalk version” of Molten Core; it simply took too long.

        I guess its hard for me to say these things, without sounding as if “I want it all -QQ”. Im OK with not having access to the hardcore raiding environment and what not. But I wish there was a way to see all the quests (and lore) in game, without having to devote that much time. Im not asking for items, legendaries or what not. Just the storytelling. 🙂

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  3. I kind of feel the same way about LFR being very clearly the Sackville-Baggins version of raiding. I’m glad they’ve at least put Tier gear back in LFR, though — and I even think that the LFR versions of the Mage and Druid sets for Emerald Nightmare/Nighthold are the prettiest versions of those sets. Guess I’d better get those characters up to 110 and into LFR before Legion is over, then…

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    1. What would you think if they gave more story in LFR, and I don’t mean long role play, but if it felt like you were getting information relevant. And they left Normal and higher to be more about the fights. I’ve felt that we have gotten into a mindset of race through, skip as much as possible, kill the boss and queue for the next. Or what if once the fights were over you could stay and talk with NPCs that were hiding.

      Just a crazy thought that just came to me.

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  4. That is an awesome idea! I always stay behind in dungeons when everyone has left, to explore on my own.
    But most of all, it would be great to rid ourselves of the “go, go, go” raids.

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