400 million AP and I got

I got my Artifact Knowledge 40. Clicked through a bunch of tokens, got lucky for double on a big one and went past the 400 million mark to get….

A point to spend and I can now collect more in order to get my first concordance. And I feel let down. Now I need over 500 million, I’ve heard people say they need a billion.   And it’s just such an insane number that I have given up. There is no desire to continue chasing a goal that never ends. Reading the patch notes for next week?  I am seriously at my lowest for wanting to play. I have enough resources to just play through the tablet. LFR in the coming weeks will possibly offer a slight increase for me. But I’m at 903 now, I will gain 4-5 points when I raise my Legendaries to 970. The thoughts of going to another planet?  Didn’t we do that last expansion?  

It’s a Sunday, the pool is open, the water is 76 degrees. After tomorrow’s heatwave probably in the 80’s. I may log in some time this week. Haven’t decided. 


5 thoughts on “400 million AP and I got

  1. Oh, I know. Those numbers are bizarre. Like our health pool these days. I would like to see another…what was it called, “squish” in one way or another, where everything, damage and health and mana and what not gets brought back down to a less crazy level.

    Personally, I went for the first “rank” of concordance, just got it, and that was it. (Bless the App)

    Too bad you are so discouraged to play these days. I hope it will change.

    Enjoy the day out there though, if there is a “good time” to lose interest in gaming, it should be when its decent weather outside πŸ™‚

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    1. Ohhh. Ummm. The 4 abilities around the concordance isn’t it. When you have filled everything, at level 51 I believe, the center circle opens up for you to get your first concordance at level 52.

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  2. Have you still been seeing double AP bonus? The one that should come from your last class order hall perk? I was watching it about 3 weeks ago and I was earning tons of double bonus’, it’s part of how I hit concordence so easily before AK 40 and then right after one of the hotfixes a few weeks ago – the same one that reduced AK 50 to AK40 I haven’t seen a single bonus occur and I’ve pumped millions of AP into my weapon since then and watched every single one in my chat screen to see if I’m right, and still not a single increase.
    I’d love to know if it’s just me or if there was a sneaky hotfix put in place to reduce the amount of AP that’s floating around.
    I feel like it’s an odd situation – AP is granted for everything – loot a chest – AP, kill a boss – AP, Bonus roll a boss – AP but the new patch has just reduced the amount of AP you can get (Once per boss kill regardless of raid difficulty – I liked farming all the levels for so much AP), reduction in AP rewards from mythic plus dgns (with the nerf to the chest rewards) and now with what feels like a stealth nerf to the order hall bonus (unless it’s just my toons that broke?)
    What do you think?

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    1. I see one double for every dozen or so tokens. I did get double on a 20 million, but mostly it’s the 8 million ones doubling to 16.


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