I was frustrated last night

Yesterday was a major patch day.  The release of patch 7.2.5. I had read all of the Patch Notes and while I was frustrated about the lack of change for Shadowpriests, a whole 2 lines, there was at least one thing that caught my eye that I was interested in.

Darkmoon Faire Rocks

The forsaken band Blight Boar has invaded the Darkmoon Faire! Every hour on the half-hour, the band will rock out with a death metal tune. Battle the Metal Knight to earn achievements, consumables, and a monthly chance at a brutal helm or killer guitar mace.

Oh yeah.  The Guitar Mace.  How awesome would it be to have that on my Priest.  But when I had a chance to look it up last night, I saw what I feared, and had been mentioned as a possibility.  The Mace is a two handed weapon.  And Priests can no longer equip a two hander.  /sadface.  All of the other new features, the Pet Battles, the Transmog stuff, the Dance studio, none of it holds any interest for me.  And Chromie?  Yeah, I gave it a shot last night, I died not even part way into the first part.  Because the little Mage has a death wish.  While I was easily avoiding mobs, she was making a concerted effort to pull each and every one.  I never made it through half of the first cave.  Consider that quest abandoned.  I could care less about another title, or an armor skin I wont use.  And 40 Million AP?  That is a joke.  I can get that doing a few things in the world in a tenth of the time.

What really got my knickers in a twist was seeing Patch Notes June 13th Not even a day, even half a day, a few hours after they had brought the servers up 6 hours early mind you, there was already a massive list of tuning changes in the works.  And that was just a final straw for me, and I logged out of game.
Some where in these past few years it feels to me that the Blizzard Mission Statement has fallen to the way side.  Gone is the Commitment to Quality,

At the end of the day, most players won’t remember whether the game was late — only whether it was great.

In favor of keeping to the schedule for releases, get content patches out on the same day other companies are releasing titles, try to stay relevant and in the gaming news, just get it done, patch it up later.  I personally wouldn’t have cared if we had to wait an extra week.  Sure people would have grumbled and complained, but how much more complaining and frustration is there because an unfinished product was cut loose, all in the name of the master schedule.

Something else caught my eye in the Mission Statement.

Every Voice Matters

Great ideas can come from anywhere. Blizzard Entertainment is what it is today because of the voices of our players and of each member of the company. Every employee is encouraged to speak up, listen, be respectful of other opinions, and embrace criticism as just another avenue for great ideas.

And it feels to me like that may have been true years ago, but now the perception is that only those at the top of the game, those Twitch Streamers with 10’s of thousands of followers, those that run the big 3rd party sites, are the ones they are paying attention to.  Your average player that has played for 2 years or 12, is just brushed off, their concerns or comments ignored because they are a tiny voice shouting into the void.

More recently, and over the years, I have had points where I was frustrated with the game, in how I played, in how it was pushing me to play in a way I did not enjoy.  Yesterday was a bad day for me.  And I chose to walk away for some time so that I would not do something rash like close my account.  As it stands, I will certainly log in once a day to send out missions, to check up on things, and do a world quest or two.  But no more tabbing out to read while logged in.  No more holding onto quests for months on end that I cannot complete.  No. I am making my dissatisfaction known by the only means they will take notice.  Through data, lowered Monthly played time, more registered quests abandoned, less participation in current content.  They will not listen to a little voice yelling, but they cannot ignore data showing a dip in the account.


And that is about all I wanted to say.


8 thoughts on “I was frustrated last night

  1. Oh, well, damn, it’s hard to argue with what you say. Not that I want to, of course.

    It does seem very silly that not everyone can transmog that guitar! And that sure was a big bunch of hotfixes already, I missed those. Ive not tried the Chromie thing yet, I will sometime next week maybe.

    I never knew of that ” Blizzard Mission Statement “. When I read through it, it just sounds like any other company :/

    I agree with the rush-to-release. It does seem odd, and as if the latest things have not been ready for release at all, but made it to live, anyway. Oh well.

    What keeps you entertained these days then? 🙂

    I can say I hope things will turn around in WoW, but Im not sure where the “changing-force” will come from.

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    1. I kind of feel like the game is near a crossroads. Trying to be something more competitive and challenging suitable for eSports, but resisting to stay true to its core design. Perhaps the subtle changes over time driving older players away every year and having them replaced with fewer newer ones interested in the more competitive is by design. Rather than just switch and potentially lose everyone, gradually phase it in. There are still things I can do, but it is becoming more frustrating having less and less current game that I want to play.

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      1. Yeah I entirely get what you mean. It does appear that way. It does feel a little forced too, maybe its just me, but Im not sure WoW really is a game meant to be “up there” with the other eSports.

        I hope you do manage to find things that enjoy you, and wont run out of them, once you return.

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      2. I broke down on my not doing World Quests. I saw I needed 40 million AP to get my concordance. Looked at the map, saw one quest for 21 million and one for 19. Just did those and had an extra token from somewhere and it’s finished. These past 3 months feel like a little bit of content was stretched out way to long. Almost as if they expected everyone to be running Nighthold and Mythic+ dungeons over and over. I hope they are learning from data. I really do. I’ve always been outside what’s normally done, but the desire to do more has lacked meaning.

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  2. The final quest for the Broken Shore really didn’t seem to fit. After 11 weeks of questing to just go kill 100 demons seems like an afterthought. I know the real end is the class mount scenario, and both I’ve done have been really good, but since it’s the demons quest that actually grants the achievement I would have expected a bit more pomp and circumstance surrounding that final quest.

    Pushing the patch to release on a day that a competitor is releasing a title smacks of desperation. I know it’s not really desperation and it’s a business decision that all companies in different fields make, but I’d like to think that WoW as a franchise is large enough to not have to stoop to petty tactics to keep their player base. So when things come out feeling unfinished just because of a competitor’s deadline, it really leaves a bad taste.

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    1. Seeing two rounds of hotfixed tuning notes in two days after a big patch pretty much said to me it wasn’t ready but they pushed it live just to meet a date. They should have just said it will be delayed one week. People would have grumbled, but a lot less than what we see now.


  3. I have written so many of these posts over the years. Starting 6 years ago during Burning Crusade. I agree that our voices are slowly being drowned out by the younger give it to me now crowd. I mean complaining about no flying and ‘finally’ getting a legendary (or a second or third) not even a year in is definitely a different mindset to anything pre-cataclysm.

    I always get sucked back in by something though. I vote by closing my second and third account. I can’t bring myself, after 12 years, to shut the lights on my main and once in a while I log in just to move stuff around in my bags.

    The change in attitude seems to me to have come very much around the time that Activision came on the scene. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a ‘you must stay for x years’ in everyone’s contracts when the money came in. And then the focus shifted from a product that’s right or not out and a marketing machine and many transaction centric world.

    I hope it recovers again.

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