A day in the life of Marathal

For Z and Cinders challenge 20. 

There is so much that goes on in the day when the other worldly being is not trying to influence my decisions and actions. I tend to imagine he is a god of some sort.  I think that in his mind those 21 odd hours in a day when he thinks I just sit around in town waiting for him to show up.  It’s odd to me that they consider us to not have feelings, or free will. If they only knew what we truly did during the times we have to ourselves. 

My day starts long before the sun rises in the Vale, there are crops to be tended to, the markets don’t just stock themselves. Those pesky Hozen are always making mischief. On Tuesdays, when we are really busy, I lend a hand at Stormstout Brewery. Chen is quite adept at making his signature blend Ale, but he is very adept at avoiding the physical labor of loading the barrels to be shipped to Inn’s around Pandaria. Fortunately for me he does pay in free beer. It’s a fair trade for a few hours work. 

But life is not just all work. There is training at the monastery every day, mending my armor from the previous evenings adventure, why the otherworldly God feels the need to dress me up in a simple farmers garb astonished me to this day. Perhaps he feels that I am a humble Pandaran. It matters not to me. Perhaps some day he will find the finery I have stored in the chest tucked away under the bed. 

My afternoons are spent fishing with Nat. It took many months for him to realize that I am as good, better actually, but I let him think he is better, at fishing. Ahh, the stories we tell, of fish that got away, of the dreams of catching Sea Turtles, it is a good day spent in the sun. It gives me time to relax and reflect about what I will have to do later in the day.

As the sun starts to fade dipping below the horizon I make my way back to Dalaran. Trying to recall where I was the previous evening. There are some days I forget and will go sit in the Priests Class Hall, because I know that is where he will be expecting me to be. On occasion I will meditate on the far side of town, listening to Khadgar talking to the other magi about tasks he will send other adventurers out on this day. Oh if those Gods only knew how much of a practical joker he is. It amazes me that he is not rolling on the floor laughing as hey come back with Basilisk eyes, or Harpy feathers. They have no idea that he could easily take care of any evil in the world. The man moved an entire city. Do they not realize a few demons would be a mere thought to dispose of. 

So here I will sit and wait for that familiar feeling to come over me. Knowing the God has found time for me to go off to work on tasks. I do sometimes wonder what his goal is. Why does he choose random things to do each day. There are days when I can sense his frustration at keeping up with his other God friends. Where he feels he is letting me down. But I know he tries. He does his best to make sure I am taken care of, that I have enough gold to live my life in a manner I choose. Some may say I am just a pawn in some game played by gods. I cannot say. But for now, I am happy to be a simple Priest, doing what I can to make the world safe. I do not lead a spectacular life full of noble deeds or fantastic stories of battles fought. And I am happy. 

4 thoughts on “A day in the life of Marathal

  1. That was fantastic, very cleverly written! 🙂

    So amusing to read, thank you for sharing 😀

    Great inspiration, it makes me think a little bit more about my own character and the chores I sometimes put her through…

    Liked by 1 person

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