Just gonna say it. 

WoWhead, you’re not what you use to be. 

Last night I tried to help someone with the Death Knight Class Hall, and getting the additional followers. So of course all search results point you to WoWhead. Don’t get me wrong. There are great overviews of the Class Hall feature, plenty of links to click to take you to descriptions of  what things are and do. But that was it. It was just a synapses of the feature. Sure there was a list of Champions. You could even click their name to pull up information, that they were awarded from a certain quest. But it was not much more than I could have found elsewhere. Most entries had a few comments that really did not give much information. The fact is I found more of an answer in the Warcraft forums than I did there. 

Aside from an advertisement that filled my entire screen that had to play through before I could click continue to site. And yes I know. You have to report them, they are doing all they can to prevent it, maybe you should pay to be a member, yeah no.  I was a fan of the site for a few years, but with the auto play commercials blaring in my headset, the shear amount of memory the site uses, and now the superficial content. I think perhaps your time has passed. 

Anyone that has been around the Priest Class can recall how bad Shadowpriest. Com got. It was owned by an advertizing company. And the only reason it survived as long as it did was because of the players supplying information and policing it. I see WoWhead heading that way. The content is put together by players writing guides. I’m sure some stuff comes from Blizzard itself. 

It may be just me. But I think the days of huge web sites may be coming to an end. When they are all competing for a dwindling player base for clicks, when people find the information elsewhere for free. When even the official forums have better answers. It’s a sad time. 

Mention things like Thotbot, or Elitist Jerks, and those older players will nod in rememberance. Personally I think once you reach a point where a large company wants to get involved, it is spelling your doom. It was interesting to read that Zam owned Thotbot andpurchased WoWhead   in 2007 for 1 million dollars. That really puts perspective on the level of money we are talking about when we think of MMO-Champion, WoWhead, Icy-Veins. Gamers are a commodity. It is in their best interest to make sure their web sites come up first in searches. That they receive millions of clicks a month. 

I guess the irony is that sooner or later anyone that plays games will come to realize they can make some kind of web site, and that some will donate to keep it afloat, but then they put in just one banner add. That can’t hurt. And maybe a side bar. But then the site gets bigger, and they need more bandwidth, and they need to have more income, because now it’s a part time job. And then one day they see that maybe they can do it full time. They don’t need to work, look at all the money coming in. When times get tough they just ask people to chip in more. Maybe raffle off a pet, or some game time. Soon they are getting freebies to hand out, if they include an advertisement. Until one day a company like Zam comes along and offers a nice check. No worries. We will handle everything. 

I don’t really know. What to think. I just wanted to look up some information on how to find some missing piece to the Class Hall process, and really didn’t find anything of value from what is supposed to be “The” place to go. Or at least that’s what Blizzard game masters will direct you to. Even their own items point you there. And that is a little sad to me. 


5 thoughts on “Just gonna say it. 

  1. I agree. Wowhead’s strength used to be in the user’s comments. Now it is depending on data-mining (of which there is rarely any follow up).
    For example, try leveling in the Burning Crusade content and look up a quest on Wowhead. You’ll get detailed information and warnings and, sometimes, strats by class. Look up a quest for Legion and there might (might) be two comments.
    I think my biggest frustration was when I got the Legendary Ring in WoD. ALL the sites had details on how to get the ring, data-mined form pre-launch. No one had anything on how to use the ring. No one. I guess it wasn’t their job and there was some loud arguments in raid on how it worked. I found the answers eventually on a healing blog. No one on the Wowhead staff is playing the game, are they?

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    1. I glanced at their Twitter feed for the past day. Come look at out ToS guide by Fatboss, come see this guide by this person, this one from another. They are reliant on other people creating their content. All they are now is a magazine that has the information centrally located. Oh and that when you open has dozens of flyers and samples falling out.

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  2. I have not been giving this as much thought as you – but you nailed it, again; I also miss the “come together-ness” feeling Wowhead brought. Thottbot too. Oh, those were the days, where I thanked Thottbot comments every day for directions or shared frustration over a hard quest, things like that.

    Oh, I had no idea about Zam purchasing WoWhead in 2007 for 1 million dollars. O.o Perspective.

    I guess users of WoWhead also comment less frequently these days? Maybe that too is part of the attitude I like to refer to as “Lemmings”, or, “go-go-go-me-me-me”. No time to write helpful things on WoWhead, must accomplish this and that, and not stand still for 2 seconds without being active?

    Any solution possible to it, in your oppinion? I find it hard to “solve”.

    But yeah! I experienced similar to what wrathofkublakhan writes! I wondered if I had found the correct site on Wowhead, because it was nearly blank.

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    1. They, being Blizzard, have said for years there is churn to the player base. Lose a million but gain half a million new. Every year we lose more of the long standing population, and it has been replaced with fewer new people. Gone are a lot of the old school theory crafters that use to love the thoughts of working out the math, coming up with ideas, posting open resource guides on the forums, those people that didn’t care about being paid for what they did. They just loved geeking out over their class and talking about it. The status of being that person that wrote the thing was more than they could ever want. Now we see fewer people willing to step up to write guides because #1 they have gotten so complex that even the computer sims don’t agree all the time, and #2 it is almost a full time job keeping them current where they make changes near every day. Let alone how some people treat those that are willing to take the risk to say this is how I see is being played.

      The biggest problem to me is that I feel Blizzard has not gotten the memo. I believe we are heading to a crash point where the level of knowledge to interpret the character build is beyond all but a few people. And if they no longer want to offer information? Then we are all in the dark. SimCraft has to be maintained in order for guide writers to come up with stat priorities. What happens when the person that owns the program calls it quits. When those that write guides for MMO-Champion are told they can’t post to other sites, or that it is exclusive content to paying subscribers. Much like AskMrRobot did. Offered a lot for free initially, not its a pay feature. Then the question comes up. Should the game require you to have to use 3rd party sites. What if you had to pay for WoWhead, or Icy-Veins.

      Should the content on playing the game be exclusive to Blizzards site.

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  3. I can’t adequately put into words how I feel about this. I didn’t want to read and run though.

    These days, the only time I go to wowhead is if I’m stuck on a quest. Sometimes even that isn’t successful due to your above writing :/

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