dusting off my tinfoil hat

I won’t spoil the final scene.  Some stuff happens and we beat the current bad guy, and then some other things.

So what is my tinfoil hat?

We are heading back to Northrend and I think we are going to see that Azeroth as we know it, is not just a planet,

There are at least two places in the Stormpeaks that have always seemed out of place to me.  One being the giant hole in the ground where we had a quest oh so many years ago, the Forge of Wills, the other is in the side of a mountain.  All part of the Engine of the Makers.  And I always wondered to myself.  Could these be part of a massive defense system left by the Titans millennia ago for just this possibility.  With so many denizens of Azeroth being able to move through time, see alternate futures, ways to visit the past, isn’t it highly likely that they foresaw exactly what Illidan would do?

Has this been the plan all along.  A final gambit, put all the cards on the table and roll the dice.  If we do what I think we will at the end of 7.3, or perhaps leading into 8.0, then the way we look at our planet is about to change.  And I wonder perhaps too, once we defeat the Burning Legion and Sargaras, will we become the conquerors, venturing out into the void to conquer new world, and become the new burning legion.


7 thoughts on “dusting off my tinfoil hat

  1. I’m so torn! Keep reading these spoiler free- at least a little – post, or totally stay away from them! I won’t be killing KilJaeden before it’s available on LFR, so it will be a while, and I dont want to see the cinematic or hear what happens until then. But gosh its quite long…So torn! I also want to know what happens…I hope we wont see a complete revamp to Azeroth again, and I hope we won’t have to leave it behind for longer periods of time though…

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    1. Haha, that is spot on, GwendlynD, so true.
      Oh, the cut scene after the Lich King. Hah remember; “Who hasn’t passed on the loot yet, come on!?” :p
      I even left TeamSpeak and all, so I could immerse myself. Good times 😀

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    1. That’s the one thing I enjoy being max level. Going back into a dungeon or raid from previous and watching all of the cut scenes. Or exploring around corners never looked at. I did the Iron Docks the other day. I killed everything. Poked my head around corners. Looked down the train tracks which I wish I could have jumped onto just to see where it went. So much focus is on speed and skipping content. I wish they hid things to find where you normally wouldn’t go. But someone would data mine it I’m sure.

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  2. I was in MV only yesterday looking for Elegon and I actually noticed Chen’s comments for once asking how many other Titan engines/constructs there were hidden below the earth. I thought then I’d like to go back and visit them all as there are a lot hidden (or not so hidden since the ones we know about are mostly raids/dgns) around the place. And now we have a new one in ToS. Finding out their ultimate purpose would be amazing.
    Azeroth is a lot more than just a planet and I do wonder where we will all go once she wakes up and takes her place as full fledged titan. It’s not in our interests to let her as we won’t have a home anymore so I wonder if you’re right and we’ll turn from the good guys protecting her, to the bad guys keeping her as she is or moving onto a new planet conquering or colonizing ourselves?

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