I have a choice to make

Is the effort worth the reward.

I need to collect over 100 Writhing Essence in order to upgrade the two Legendary piece of gear I have.  There is a fairly low percentage chance that I will get some drop at the higher 970 level.  An even lower chance that I would see the decent items I currently have equipped drop at the higher level.  I have 0 desire to participate in Normal or Higher raiding, even less desire to run at least one Mythic + dungeon a week for 20 essence rewarded from the bonus chest on reset day.  I could farm the island to receive 1 for every 100 Legionfall resource order placed on the island.  That alone would require doing 200 quests on the island which seems a bit extreme.  Sending followers out on a 6 day mission rewards 500 Legionfall resources which would convert to just 5 essence.  Emissary cache’s reward anywhere from 1 to 7.  If you took an average of 4 for a drop rate that would require doing about 13 emissary blocks of 4, but at one emissary a day would take you near 2 weeks to complete just 1 upgrade.  So it appears that in order to upgrade my two pieces it will take a combination of many things, and probably a month of time or more.  And what would I achieve from it.  I am presently around 903 for my item level, doing all that work would be a grand increase of 3 points in iLvL. Certainly I would become a bit more powerful.  But I have to ask myself,


And I have to think also.  Have I been pushed to far with not only this expansion but with how much we needed to run the final boss in Draenor over and over to upgrade our Ring.




16 thoughts on “I have a choice to make

  1. Oh, I was not sure how much it would take to gather those essences.

    I have two legendaries too, but not even begun to look into how to upgrade them.

    I guess I will just get them when I get them, along the way. Personally I won’t be “targetting” aquiring them, they just have to arrive when I am doing other stuff.
    Even though hardly any of the stuff is anything, of that which grant me essences :p

    But I don’t really care. I do not raid, so have no “pressure” anymore to be min maxing. No time. Must have fun 🙂

    Is this method of upgrading the legendaries different than last time, by the way?

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    1. I believe it is similar to what we did last time.

      Last I checked,

      0-7 from doing a 4 quest Emissary
      0-1 for placing a work order on the island for building construction
      and then they drop from Normal and higher raid bosses.
      You get a fixed 20 for completing (1) Mythic + dungeon in your weekly chest.

      Personal thoughts are it is being used to bolster the idea of running Mythic+ dungeons, and to extend lifespan of World Quests and the Island features.

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      1. Aha, ok, thank you very much for clarifying! I see. Right, oh, how I am not fond of the “force you to do XX” kinda game they are playing with us…! Eh. My Legendaries are fine at 940 :p

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      2. I did all available Emissary last night. Wardens was one so I overlapped that with the others. I did 10 quests in about 40 minutes. Ended up getting 7, 4, & 4 Essence. So I need 35 more. May just let the Emissary build to 3 and do it again on Sunday. If I get to 30 after, then I might see if I can do a Mythic +1 for the 20 on reset day.

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  2. Oh, thank you for the update, how odd, I have stopped getting announcements when comments are made on WordPress these days! Anyway. I just came to let you know, that the Daily HC seems to give 5 of those Essences 🙂 I have not done one yet, but just noticed in the game interface.

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  3. I think at the very least you deserve a break. Play a single player quickie, or marathon! I took 6 months playing Skyrim – which was supposed to be a weekend excursion – before I got my legendary in Pandaria. Or play TSW and get frustrated by the lack of polish.

    In the end, if you plan ‘a few days away’ and they turn into many, that’s totally ok. You can come back tomorrow, next week, next month, or in six months. BE HAPPY.

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    1. I am not a fan of the push to pull too much, find ways to skip through, all to beat a time limit. When I started playing the complaint was not enough people were doing LoS pulls, playing smart, keeping the mobs controllable. Even early Cata when we were required to focus on crowd control. Now it’s all clear it as fast as you can on the highest difficulty. Don’t stop. It is promoting the worst behavior that was always frowned upon, and giving it great rewards. I would consider doing a +5, even a +10 if the goal was to complete it. Without a timer to beat.

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