Is data mining a violation of the EULA.

Specifically this clause

Data Mining: Use third-party software that intercepts, collects, reads, or “mines” information generated or stored by the Client or the Game(s); provided, however, that Blizzard may, at its sole and absolute discretion, allow the use of certain third-party user interfaces;

Found here

The question then arises, do sites such as WoWhead, and MMO-Champion have permission to do so.  And if they do, is that giving them an unfair advantage for reporting changes to the game that have not been implemented yet.

I see more and more people that are trying to avoid seeing spoilers.  I have gone as far as blocking WoWhead, ICY-Veins, MMO-Champion, and a good deal of people that work for them.  I see at least a half dozen times a day where someone retweets something and all I see is a grey box, that tweet is unavailable.  The game is coming at us faster than we have ever experienced, and we are barely starting a content patch before not only is the next up in the PTR, but that we are seeing it reported on.  And I have to wonder.

Are we tired of being spoiled on the plot and what is to come.

Part of my frustration most recently is having to wait 8 weeks for the full Tomb LFR to open, meanwhile everyone is chomping at the bit to get to Argus.  I do not even see what those that have cleared it on Normal or Higher see.  I know what it is because many have posted screen shots, and I have seen discussions about it.  I just have to wonder, is Blizzard doing more harm by allowing the level of Data Mining we see today, where most of the content patch is out for full view withing days even hours of the first build making it to the PTR.  I understand there is a great deal of back information that needs to be uploaded to 3rd party web site data bases, and that takes time to add in, and fact check, but should that be locked behind a NDA wall until such time as Blizzard gives the ok to release? How much yelling and frustration could be avoided if things were allowed to be better tuned and finalized before the masses have a chance to see it.  Obviously you cannot keep every person in PTR testing quiet.  But if you find people discussing it, and issue account bans for the PTR as a penalty, would it discourage the rampant race to get any and all information out as soon as the ink on the code is dry?

Just a thought.


8 thoughts on “Is data mining a violation of the EULA.

  1. Hmmm. My stance is the assumption that 80% of the players are not aware and are rarely using third party sites; mostly to get help on a quest or to set up a character. Most of the people I play with are not “up to date” on the changes at all.
    So, then, I think the conversation is about 20% of the players. Of them, many glance at Wowhead’s articles and then might click on something about their class in a future patch.
    Of the WoW subscribers, how many go into the PTR? And that is your point entirely, those guys who go into the PTR won’t shut up — they’ll post videos and get them to be top links on a google search. The wanna be hot-shot PTR guys who are amateur data-miners at best are loud mouths, spew in trade chat as know-it-alls and are the true Spoilers in the game.
    Just my opinion, mind you, but those guys are the villains!

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  2. Oh, I so wish there existed no datamining, heck no PTR to a degree either. Like you, I have not even finished ToS – I feel as if I have not even begun yet, and I lack the “hype” for a KilJaeden kill as well.

    I wish everyone was spoiler free, and no one knew anything before the patch would hit. I know that is surreal and bizarre, but I can think whatever I want, right 😉

    I stay away from Twitter and other social medias in general, for many reasons, but for this, too. Spoilers are everywhere, just as you say; I know what happens in ToS, even though I cannot see it in game yet, and it’s just a shame, but hard to avoid, when you are as casual as I am.

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      1. I know many will #patch7.3 or something so you can mute seeing things. But if you need to look up something on WoWhead, boom. Right there on the main pages. It’s difficult to avoid them to say the least.

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