In life we all want to be good people. 

In our lives we all want to be good people. Reguardless of our station in life there are always thing that will fill us with anger, seeing a child suffering, with joy, seeing a cute puppy doing something adorable. We see the good and bad in things. We strive to make our lives better, to help others when we can. Certainly there are times when we look at what we may have, or things we don’t, and look at others and say they have so much better, why can’t I have better. Why do I drive a 12 year old sedan, when they drive a brand new sports car. Why must I survive on chicken and hot dogs when they have lobster and steak. Why I have to share a 3 bedroom apartment with room mates when they have a home. We all look to what others have as being so much better than what our life has for us. 

What many don’t see is that family with the big home, that have mortgages and tax bills that strain their budgets to a breaking point, that they are trying to maintain an appearance that everything is fine with their lives, not that they are working 60 hours a week and are so in debt that they feel they will never climb out of the hole. 

We all want a better life. We see rich people with millions of dollars, and say why can’t they share. Why do they need all of that money, we don’t see that they have foundations and charities they support. When you say tax the rich to pay for a better life for me, do you understand the consequences. Say a rich person pays a million dollars in taxes. You want them to pay more. Pay their fair share. So they agree. They will pay double. But now they will no longer be supporting the food bank, or the arts center, or community projects. So people ask the government to step in. We need these services. These have to be supported. But they only have so much money to do so. So they borrow money to pay for it. And the next year we have new things we want them to pay for. At some point all sources to pay for things are exhausted and then someone has to make the difficult choice. Do we stop funding medical marijuana for the person with anxiety so we can keep coverage for someone with glaucoma. Do we eliminate coverage for an asthma inhailer so that people being treated for cancer can be treated. Their is a finite amount of money for things. Everyone wishes all of their needs to be taken care of. But as in everything you cannot have one without losing the other. We all need to decide. Is what I want more important than what another needs. Who would want the responsibility of telling a parent, sorry, we won’t treat your child for that rare disease because the cost would mean 500 people will not be able to get treatment for minor issues. 


2 thoughts on “In life we all want to be good people. 

  1. Very good post; This topic actually keeps my mind occupied quite often. I try to always remind myself, never to compare. And if I must compare, then I should compare myself with the “right” people. There is such an enormous difference, in how we look at things, and who we compare ourselves with – if we must.

    And yeah, when I walk by an enormous castle-like-house, that I find gorgeous, I remind myself, that no one is at home, since they have to live at work to be able to afford it. Not worth it!

    As for the tax issue – I see it everywhere too; I do wonder though, why humanity in general costs more and more to “maintain”. What it is a result of; our life choices, focus on health or something entirely different.

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    1. Years ago people were up in arms because insurance companies were dictating what treatments were covered, what medications, etc. and here we are asking the government to get into the mix. At some point they will start saying what they will pay for. If I bothered to count I could say there are a dozen TV adds for drugs in an evening. Things I would never consider even asking a doctor about. But many do. We have a pill for everything, when most can be better served following the parts no one listens too. Exercise and better eating. Organic is not better eating. Watching what and how much is.

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