I don’t want my WoW TV

36 years ago today this video started a new age of seeing music.  August 1st 1981 MTV was launched

For my European friends your day was August 1st 1987 with


So Happy 30th Birthday MTV Europe.

For me, there is so much that has changed over the past 36 years.  MTV is nothing like it was back then.  And I don’t think I have really watched it since maybe before The Real World was a thing?  And I look at how it has changed and evolved, and look to at how World of Warcraft has evolved in the past 12 odd years.

To me WoW was always about the journey, the experience, not about competition.  If you were competitive, you got involved in Arena, or perhaps worked hard to find your way into one of the Worlds first guilds racing at the start of every content patch.  But it was never that for me.  I am sure it never was for many.  The social aspect has always been a big draw for many, for people like me, I just like playing games, I have since I had Pong and my first Atari 2600.  From hand held games, to board game, Dungeons and Dragons, just about everything Games Workshop, collectable card games like Magic the Gathering and others.  I would be shocked if I ever thought about how much money in my lifetime I have spent on games.  I have had points where I was as good as some of the better players, have had many more years where I did not really care.  Just spending an evening playing with friends was all that mattered.  There were no trophy’s, no ribbons, we just played games to play.

I see the new Overwatch League is offering players $50,000 a year with health coverage and other benefits, see the dawning of PvE content from WoW finding it’s way into eSports, and realize that like everything, it has to evolve.  Whether I like the fact or not, just like MTV has, so must WoW if it want’s to survive.  I do hope they have done the research, have figured out how much they stand to gain, vs how much they stand to lose.  They stand to lose me.  Competing against others has never been why I play WoW, I play it because it has always been about working together as a small group, a larger one, a server, all working together to save the day.  It has changed a great deal if I compare how it was 8 years ago for me.  I wish them well in this new venture.  It is not for me.  I will play the game until it evolves to a point where it no longer appeals to me, much like how I use to watch MTV for hours, and now cannot recall the last time I did.




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