621 impressions

This was the number 2 top rated question for #LegionQA yesterday. The number 3 was mine also asking why classes that cannot equip 2H weapons are prevented from getting rewards like the Guitar from Darkmoon Fair. 

It is obvious to me that long before they even announce a QA that the format has already been worked out and rehearsed. That maybe one or two questions posed will be reworded to appear similar to something a player may have asked. The level of detachment from Blizzard is far beyond being the worst it’s ever been. I would actually prefer they said nothing to us over making us feel that maybe there is a glimmer of hope that something someone may ask will get noticed. A great deal of the Community Management team is gone. Left for other opportunities. They could have saved us all an hour and just posted everything in Blog format and locked it for comments. I use to care. I really did. Now I feel like I am just some minor number as part of quarterly MAU numbers. I won’t bother trying to talk to them any more. There is no point. You okay the game the way they want, or you don’t. They don’t care any more. They are making billions of dollars every year. They just seem to have lost sight of who it was that got them there. 


3 thoughts on “621 impressions

  1. It is such a mystery to me; the way they deal with these things. I once read that they hire psychologists to help develop the game into becoming as addictive as possible, and what not – but surely those psychologists would be able to teach them a thing or two on how to communicate with your customers.

    Maybe, just maybe – the reason for avoiding many of the questions is, that there are big overhauls being planned to be announced at BlizzCon, and they don’t want to give that away in a Q&A. Maybe 🙂

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  2. It is really frustrating to me (and all of us) how they’ve avoided the guild problems. We know that no one has even looked at is as a system in years (we know because it hasn’t changed. the last change was when they killed the cash flow into the bank from members looting because some few exploited it and that was the last time).
    It my mind it is The Big Two — the Guild stuff and the Auction House (which is so bad that the lead game designer admitted that an addon was the solution).
    These things that are continual in the frustrated lives of the players must be addressed; to the point that we really do feel that they pick the “feel good” questions for a Q&A.

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    1. I can’t believe they didn’t consider what would happen when they started connecting realms. Every day I log in to see 5-6 people have joined. Some are Alts of guild members, some are new players, others people that just want to be in a guild with more than 2 people on in a week. I’m bursting at the seams with over 450 accounts. I’ve asked people to take out Alts they don’t play. If we have a problem with someone it takes a lot of research to figure out any Alts they may have, keeping track of when they joined. It’s an antiquated system like the backpack. Maybe there is nothing they can do due to programming. But at least tell us. Even offering a way to create alt guilds that can share the same guild chat. It’s just another aspect of the game where I feel they don’t care because it doesn’t impact those guilds competing.

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