Is competitive gaming removing the soul of games

We have had for generations ways that people competed playing video games, from Arcade competitions, of which I will admit to doing in my teens, to Warcraft PvP arena battles, to the upcoming Overwatch League, many other First Person Shooter games, and now they want Warcraft Mythic+ dungeons to be a competitive sport. Perhaps I am just old and have forgotten years ago wanting to compete against others playing games, maybe I am being selfish wanting to hold on to how things were. 

I do feel like taking WoW to more competitive levels is a step in the wrong direction. We had PvP, those that follow Worlds first races, then Pet Battles against other players, now Mythic+ dungeon competitions, and they are even trying to make transmog competitive with Trial of Style. And I think that is taking the team work, playing with others, working as a group to kill the Internet dragon and making it single player competition. Years ago you needed to maintain a good reputation in order to get invited to groups, now you can play as you like, join random groups, act as you please, drop and go on to the next. 

Maybe it’s just seeing how things have changed over 8 years of playing and how the focus has gone from making memorable games, to making games that players can compete against, all to pad the quarterly statements. For a team to offer players $50,000 a year plus medical, plus a share of winnings? You are probably talking about $500,000 a year, per team. They have to expect they will make the money to pay these people, 10 teams would be 5 million dollars a year or maybe more. If successful they will push for more competitive games, more challenging more difficult, requiring you spend more time playing to keep up. I recall those years at the arcade, getting $10 in quarters. Hoping they could last a few hours playing. It becomes something you don’t do for fun. It becomes a job. On the one hand I hope they are successful so that many people can make some money playing games.  On the other I hope it fails miserably because I know what it leads to. Burnout and a distaste for playing games. Because you no longer do it for fun and enjoyment, or to challenge yourself. It is your job. 


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