The Show must go on


Yesterday, without any advance warning, the planet Argus appeared in the skies over Azeroth, whether you killed Kil’Jaeden and saw the cinematic on how it got there or not.  While I am not exactly thrilled with having to wait 7 weeks for the final fight to open up in LFR, this was just an added kick to the gut from the Development staff.  I understand that the story needs to advance most likely due to a lot of additional things happening.  The show must go on.  It would not make much sense having all of the doomsayers in town, citizens demanding to know whats happening, if Argus was not filling the skies.

If they want to stick to an 11 week cycle for patches, then staggering the release of LFR wings as much as they have is not going to work.  7 weeks of an 11 week timetable is too much.  I am fine with waiting for the second week when all of the raiders are moving into Mythic, but the release for LFR should be one wing a week.  People like me use to use LFR as a way to learn some of the fights, so if we joined a Normal raid group, we would have something of a clue as to what to do.  Along with removing way to much of the mechanics and making LFR a joke they are effectively telling those that run it, yeah, we think you are a joke too.  I saw this comment in why it has to be delayed as long as it is.

It’s not like they can release all of LFR at the same time as the actual content. They need to give actual raiders some sort of advantage over casuals.

That really set me off last night.  Mostly because it was from someone in my guild.  I get it.  There is a large portion of the player base that feels like casual players should be happy for what scraps they get, real raiders do the work, and should get all the rewards they are entitled to.  Be happy with your welfare epics.  I was so aggravated last night, that when I logged in, I really had no desire to do anything.  More than ever, I feel like I am reading a book or watching a movie, and someone comes in and says, oh here, skip to this chapter, things get really good here, and not only is it spoiled, the act of actually completing it is taken away.  When I finally get the last boss in Tomb, it will be anti climactic, because I already know how it ends.  So either Blizzard needs to figure out a way to phase parts that have not been completed, or speed up the availability for people to do so.  Mythic raiders are bored and tired running their Alts through Mythic Tomb, is not a valid reason to force the majority of the player base to toe the line to their play style.

Last night I logged out in my Garrison, because that is one of the few places I can go where I am not forced to see the story spoiled for me.  Last night the @Warcraft account asked,

And I replied


2 thoughts on “The Show must go on

  1. “They need to give actual raiders some sort of advantage over casuals.”
    Assigning motive to the designers like this suggests that the writer is not just missing the point but probably in the wrong ballpark and brought a bat to a football game.
    We’ll still be in ToS for quite a while, even if the patch drops and we are slogging through Argus.

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  2. I am actually SO pissed off right now, about this, no doubt about that.

    I have waited so long for a Kil’Jaeden kill, and I have managed to stay spoiler free all this time – well, granted, I have seen pictures here and there, but no idea as to why or how. And here we are, on wednesday, the same day a Kil’Jaeden kill is finally within my reach, so I can see the cinematic I have been looking forward to – and then this. Before I was even able to enter the raid.

    Why the … should we wait THIS long for a full ToS to be released!? I don’t get it…/bitchy mode off, sorry 😉

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