Z and Cinder Challenge #23 why do you blog about WoW 

This is an interesting topic. I’ve often asked myself. Why do I bother. Only a handful of people ever glance at what I write. Certainly many have commented and agreed with something I may have said. I have no illusions that anyone even remotely connected to Blizzard even knows I exist. So why do I do it. 

I write for myself. I put to words things that may be bothering me about the state of the game. I have clung to one of the compass points of wisdom. 

Every voice matters. 

Somewhere deep in my heart I want to believe that. Even though I may feel that it no longer applies to a great majority of players, and that the focus now is on satisfying a small minority of the player base that is competitive. I want to believe that maybe, just maybe, something I say may catch someone’s notice, and maybe someone will look at how a person views something differently. I like to think of blogging being like playing the lottery. You can’t win if you don’t play, and no one will notice what you want to say, unless you write it. If anything it is putting out a message for all to read, and realize that hey, I’m not alone in thinking like this. 

I am sure many may look at my posts as oh there he goes again bashing something in WoW. I don’t consider being critical or pointing out a flaw as bashing. There was a time I would have stood up to defend any decision Blizzard made in the game, because the changes were positive for me. In a world that we live in where people will jump from one extreme to the next solely by what they see on TV, or YouTube, the art of the written word is falling victim to what can we show with panache and flashy to rile people up. I look at how people are reacting to what is going on. People calling for violence to condemn the White Supremists protesting a historic statue being taken down. How is reacting with violence to one group any better. Because you feel that you are right and they are wrong?  Is what they are protesting against any different than those that stormed the street burning businesses and cars because Trump was elected? Does violence ever solve anything?  If you stopped to think about it. They want you to be angry with them. They have spent decades working around what they are legally allowed to do. Of course they want thousands of people to show up to start a fight. Because then they can say they are a victim. They will stand there waving their torches on national TV, and wait for people to do something stupid. When people burn cities protesting Trump, or a police shooting, or feminism or LBGT. How you behave is portrayed on the news in the worst possible manner. Because the news wants to make you look stupid to millions of people. What I would have loved to see in the news was thousands of white supremists showed up for a rally, and nobody cared. The biggest weapon against anything is to just not care. To not acknowledge it, to give their hatred of you meaning. 

Sorry I digress. I could easily blast the @warcraftdev account or @watcherdev endlessly about every little thing I have a problem with. But instead of hitting them with 140 characters of a complaint, I will sleep on it, I will think about it on my hour drive to work, I may hear a song on the radio that sets a tone for it. Sometimes just writing it all out makes me realize it’s not really that big a thing, and I scrap it all. But the most important thing is I sit down to write it out. I am avoiding a compulsion to just react. Because honestly we have more than enough people ready to do that. 

History is a funny thing. Everyone is so focused on what has happened in the past 10-20 years they forget what occurred 30-40 even 50 years ago. They think how can this be happening, how can this be going on in the world. Because people no longer read. They get their information visually. You can hand select images to present a view you want, but the written word is just that. Written words. The most you can do is alter the context to make something read differently. Like the joke, punctuation is important. 

Rachel Ray finds inspiration in cooking her family and her dog. 

Yes, I will be the first to admit that I do not write a great deal of positive things about WoW. There are a great many people who do so already, and very eloquently at that. I mostly write so that I can get thoughts out of my head and on to virtual paper. It helps me understand, is there a problem, do I still think it’s an issue after writing 500-1000 words, do I have a solution?  Will posting this make things worse?  Out of oh, 600 or more blog posts, I’ve probably trashed 1800 or more. I do enjoy playing the game. I’ve been playing non stop in some form for 8 years. There are points I am frustrated and will write. And I appreciate every time someone makes a comment. I don’t do it to further an agenda, or to put out my point of view as being any more right than someone else’s. I write what I feel, and hope that others may feel that way too. 


3 thoughts on “Z and Cinder Challenge #23 why do you blog about WoW 

  1. What a great post, really nice to get a little peak behind the curtain, and how you think about what you write; thats quite useful for understanding what one may refer to as “bashing”.
    Good observations you have made, and a nice way to think about it, in particular the “I am avoiding a compulsion to just react. Because honestly we have more than enough people ready to do that.”

    We just need more people to react with a cool head instead though.

    Spot on with the history too. It does also appear as if the human mind today, on average, is too stressed out or too focused elsewhere to really immerse/dive deeper into the reasons for what is happening; they just settle for the quickest thing, so they can move onto the next.

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  2. I was reading a novel, years ago. In it there was a scene of a small group of people sitting around and drinking coffee; talking to the cops and laughing. They were protesters: and it wasn’t until the television camera showed up that they went bat-shit crazy and yelling and frothing at the mouth. Then the camera shut off and they all relaxed again.

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