Z and Cinder challenge #24 Class fantasy Yeah or Nay

Unequivocally nay. The problem I have is that I played for 7 years without much direction and kind of developed my own “feel” for how my character behaves. The whole fantasy put forth by Blizzard may have roots in the lore of the game, but that only works if you have read all of the books, of have delved into the story. When I started Wrath was already 9 months in and kind of worked out what I had to to get to level 80. 

The tapping into the void I might have grasped, but making it about insanity just felt wrong. Generating void power, or tapping into the forces of the void may have felt better. I don’t know really. All that I feel about my character is meaningless because someone changed my tale. 

4 thoughts on “Z and Cinder challenge #24 Class fantasy Yeah or Nay

  1. I’m with you on the shadow priest changes. I feel like there’s a huge difference between shadow and void, and all of a sudden my priest has switched from one to the other? To me that’s like switching from holy to discipline, two completely separate things.

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    1. I had to stop bringing the Troll Priest follower around because of the constant “Surrender to Madness” I get it, they think the talent is cool, I hated it, could not grasp the play style, and refuse to take it no matter how poorly I do.


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