The Reflex


Hey, any excuse to use music from the 80’s.

I have seen, read, commented, on speculation for the upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion.  We got our cinematic, which per normal was outstanding.

and we have had the features video which has added a lot of speculation to how things will play out.

We have all been ready to grab torches to march on Anaheim, how dare they undo years of working at cooperation, at being a unified Azeroth.  It is a reflex action we have all grown very accustomed to.  We get news of changes or features and our first impulse is to react, to find the fault, we’ve all done it, to some degree.  It’s a reflex.

And much like everything, once our initial perceptions run their course, and without more detailed information, we start speculating on what are we not seeing, is this maybe a red herring meant to throw us off, will this only be the very beginning?

Some things lead me to believe that the first several months will be a return to the standard red v blue, no matter what, we will all put differences and hatred aside to fight off some big bad guy looking to destroy our world, but once they are gone, we can get back to killing each other.  At least until some new threat arises. It has played out over and over.  Is it Blizzard chasing a formula that worked so well in the past, and no matter how many spins they put on it, will never be the same?  Possibly.

I am sure there are hundreds of Blizzard employees that see our comments every day and cringe, want to yell out to the void, “YOU GUYS ARE LOOKING AT IT WRONG, LOOK CLOSER!!!!” I know I would be frustrated enough to want to say something, to let some hint slip.  But that route lies in the direction we have grown to dislike, datamined information that gets leaked well ahead of it going live, and our reflex reaction to immediately jump on it like a pack of wild animals tearing it apart before we even give it a chance.

I do hope that we get a steady stream of official release information, I don’t want to see the whole expansion leaked on 3rd party sites before it is officially posted.  I certainly will keep speculating, coming up with thoughts I may have on what will happen, what might be just an illusion.  Its going to be a long journey until we see what will really happen.  Hopefully our knee jerk reactions to what we see, won’t send us down a path that encourages others to just walk away from the game.  As bloggers and active social media people, we need to be cautious in what we say and how we say it.  I am trying to do better.  Trying to think through what I read before I talk about it.  I hope many more will refrain from the compulsion to just automatically share or comment.  It’s a reflex.  It has become a part of our every day life.  Time to break the habit.


One thought on “The Reflex

  1. Heard, heard, and heard! Well done, you, too! Such a great post from you there, I am genuinely glad to see how you approach it now 🙂

    PS. Yay, music from the 80’s


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