Overwatch a boys club?

Been seeing some comments about the top rated female player not being chosen for any of the initial 12 teams, consisting of up to 12 people per team.  That is a total pool of 144 players world wide, when it reported that over 35 million people play. they make up 0.0004% of the player base.  I believe all of those that are on teams have played competitively for years as teams.  I agree, it should be open to anyone that has the skill to participate and play at that level, but you need to look further at what is involved.  It is not cheap to start up a team, aside from salaries, housing, health care, and all of the benefits offered to players, you have managers, and probably a small army of people in the background being paid.  Then there is the franchise cost in the millions.  It is a big risk being taken by 12 owners, that this will be popular, and that they will be able to make a buck owning a team.  It is not something where your parents say to you, “Hey you’re good at those videa games, you should see if you can be on a team”.

Here is a good example, this is the Philadelphia Fusion roster,

  • Isaac “Boombox” Charles – United Kingdom
  • Jae “Carpe” Hyeok Lee – South Korea
  • Joona “fragi” Laine – Finland
  • Georgo “ShaDowBurn” Guscha – Russia
  • Hong Jun “Hotba” Choi – South Korea
  • Giuseppe “Joemeister” Gaetano Gramano – Canada
  • Alberto “Neptuno” Gonzalez Molinillo – Spain
  • Jeonghwan “DayFly” Park – South Korea
  • Gael “Poko” Gouzarch – France
  • Josue “Eqo” Corona – Israel
  • Simon “Snillo” Ekstrom – Sweden
  • Sumin “SADO” Kim – South Korea

I could take the position also that in the city that bills itself as the cradle of liberty, there is not one player from Philadelphia, or the United States for that matter.  Although the official word is players and coaches from North America.  It’s a stretch.  But I am willing to support our team because in this area, we support our local teams, whether the players are from Philadelphia, New Jersey, or California.  I certainly hope that next season we will see more teams, and more diversity in the roster.


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