The dark side to our world.

This happened in a small town, no more than half a mile from my home. Aside from the close proximity of it, the fact that Discord was used in this manner, to create a private gaming server that allowed this person to commit this is troubling to me as an adult.

I have reached out to the Blizzard Community Service account and to Discord on Twitter, asking if they could supply links where something like this happening could be reported, so that it would be looked at quickly.

We exist in a virtual world that spans the globe, and things like this happen all to often. This is not a problem that should have a blind eye turned. I don’t even care about backlash from the news or politicians that may use this as a rally point to champion a cause. We as gamers, and adults, should always be watchful of how people may manipulate children, even other adults. We are the first line of defense in preventing something horrible happening.

I will edit this if I can supply any links for reporting.

from Discord

And to report to Blizzard.

4 thoughts on “The dark side to our world.

  1. How terrifying, that it got that far. The internet is not a safe place for such young people these days. It’s horrible, how no one in that young girls life had any idea of what was going on.

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  2. The internet is so dangerous…
    There is an organization in my country, the association for victim support, and one of their lawyers said in a conference that 90% of their work is caused by online stalking/luring/harassing/etc.

    Minors should receive better preparation and education about their online activity, to be extra careful and to understand how important it is to protect their identities, and no child should ever be allowed online without supervision, even on youtube (maybe specially on youtube, the whole “elsagate” thing still sends shivers down my spine). Also children don’t need cellphones with internet nor social media (it impairs their development, and it’s dangerous).

    As for adults, we need to watch out for predatory behavior and report it not only to the platforms being used, but to law enforcement as well. The police will work with what we give them. This link provides the tools to finding each countries platforms here on the EU side:

    (I wonder..Did anyone reach out to the teenager, trying to warn her she was being baited?)

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