A thought on how Twitter has evolved, and why I won’t go back

Yes certainly there were people I enjoyed interacting with. I even respected that our opinions on a wide variety of topics may have not always meshed. And I was fine with it. But the algorithm that they use had other ideas. It started with the promoted Tweets. It wasn’t bad at first, but as more and more businesses and people started to pay to have their postings promoted, it got to a point where 1-2/10 Tweets were for something completely unrelated to anything I would be interested. Think of it as watching your favorite show on TV and having a commercial pop up every 3 minutes. But it didn’t end there. Part of what Twitter wants you to do is to follow lots of people. The more the better. And to accomplish this they start plugging favorited Tweets from those you follow. So you are encouraged to follow them too.

I started out muting controversial people spouting hatred, then started blocking those the were to the extreme left or right. In the end I found myself looking at those people I followed that were favoring these people. And started unfollowing and muting. Even taking my account to private didn’t help. To use a Warcraft analogy it felt like Alliance v Horde. You either were part of one group or the other. And I am choosing to not be involved any more. It is interesting how many take the stand that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but what many really mean is, as long as it agrees with them. If you disagree you are an outcast, if you mention you feel overwhelmed, or pressured, your an attention seeker. If you are one of the popular people you can say what you want and people will agree. Twitter has become High School with all the cliques and groups. I didn’t fit into any group in High School, I certainly won’t now at my age. People don’t understand what my life is like, just as I don’t understand how theirs is. I see programs on TV about housing in California, and look at how much even a small home costs, and think, wow, people out there must make a lot more money than me. I don’t envy them, just realize that their situation in life is different than mine. I cannot imagine living out there, just as I am sure they cannot imagine living here. Social media is supposed to help people see other opinions, to make friends across all demographics. But it’s just become a popularity contest, with big business vying for your clicks. And I really don’t want to be a part of a community where you feel like you have to keep your opinion to yourself, because the status quo feel differently.

So you will only see me around here. I don’t want to be a part of the future that is being created. I would rather be alone with only my family as the friends I interact with. Some may say that’s isolating myself in an echo chamber, I say so what. Is that any worse than creating an online world where if you want to belong you need to follow the group consensus?

That’s about all I think I will say on this. I hope there is something decent in WoW to talk about soon.


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