The Community feature feels compulsory

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe I read recently that the group finder feature is being removed from BfA, and instead we will now have the “Community” feature.  Initially, many many months ago, I was excited for the potential of the feature, but more recently I don’t think it will shape up to be what I initially thought.  The fact that they are removing the group finder says to me that they are putting a lot of their eggs in one basket to make this work.  I will agree, there have been abuses in the group finder, people wanting high end mythic geared people to do a Normal raid, people requiring AoTC for runs to get AoTC.  But for group quests, the World Bosses, etc, it has been a great feature to have.

Years ago I worked at making my server a community.  I had an Alliance and Horde joint server Facebook group, we have a joint server Discord now, and for a long time it felt right.  But then the term “Community” started popping up everywhere, even my town where I live has the slogan “Where Community Thrives”.  We had the Twitter Community, the Priest/Shaman/Druid/Hunter/Gnome Communities, we have the Hidden Secrets community, the Friendship Spellwing community.  It is beyond over the top for use of a term.  What I am concerned with is what happens when you do not get along with the person running the community.  For example, I was a part of the Priest community years ago when it was the old Shadowpriest web site, when that fell on hard times and a new was created I tried to be a part of the new.  I did not agree with some things, and one day found I had been removed and my IP was banned.  I did not go on a rant across all the forums, I just said to myself, I guess I never really was a part of that group, and went on playing the game.  But you have to think further, if they are removing means for people to complete content, be it by refusing to overhaul the guild structure and interface, removing things like the random group finder, will this be pushing people further away from the game.  Here is a simple statement for the development team.

Not everyone wants to be a part of a community.

Anyone that has spent any time at all in forums where people discuss what is happening in their lives knows, that there are a great many people that play this game that have severe social anxiety issues.  And you are trying to force them to be a part of a full time group?  Yeah, not going to end well.  I am betting that there will be a great deal of group content in this upcoming expansion.  Warfronts certainly will require 3 people, and I would not be at all shocked to see Communities pop up just for running them every day, Communities for doing high end Mythic Keys, for doing achievements, for figuring out puzzles of course, raiding, and I certainly feel that there will be an increase in Role Playing communities, which has its own problems, where you will most definitely find adults only groups that underage kids will try to get into.

Yeah, I am sure that for the most part the idea will work, but I know too that there will be a lot of problems after the first few months.  I don’t think I want to belong to any right now.  I had considered doing one for my sever, even as a means to push my guild capacity beyond the 1000 member limit.  But thinking about it more, I won’t bother.  Running a guild is a full time job in itself, I don’t have the time or patience any longer to manage even more stuff, to enjoy escaping the real world. If they feel this is successful, I would not at all be surprised to see the next expansion LFR being removed.

Just my thoughts.

Just one last thought. I personally feel that Blizzard only cares about those that are a part of the top 100 guilds raiding Mythic and pushing to be at the top. I feel like they just wish all the casual groups that are happy to clear a tier on Heroic or Normal before they go off to do other things, would just go away.


2 thoughts on “The Community feature feels compulsory

    1. Yeah, I think I read it will be available for world bosses, but will not for world quests requiring multiple people. Also something about them breaking any programs that people use to group up. I believe the WQGF add on was one I saw people talking about.

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