Win a Beta key by Screenshotting an enemy kill????



They really are trying their best to build up the Us vs Them hype for the expansion.  And while I am sure there is a percentage of the player base that enjoys PvP, I do not.  The prospect of running a handful of scenarios over and over to power up some Neck-piece, of going through an entire expansion where the rewards for doing PvP are higher than what everyone else is getting almost feels to me like

Image result for jumping the shark

Is this a last ditch effort by Blizzard to get people interested in PvP once more?  Legion was the big push to get everyone into competitive challenges, higher levels of difficulty running dungeons with a time limit, Gating so much behind doing Mythic+ and needing to complete Raids on more than LFR.  Oh sure the quest chains were “Optional”, but there wasn’t a little note at the bottom of the quest letting you know that you really didn’t have to do it.  Come to think of it, you really don’t “Have” to do anything in the game, you can just hang out and let minions do missions for you and slowly build an empire.  I honestly cannot recall the last time I went out of town to do any world quests.  I got all of the factions to exalted, got several emissary rewards, and just grew tired of the entire design concept.  I am actually doing the 3 daily quests for the Frenzyheart so I can finally cross off Mercenary of Scholozar.

What I have read, which by the way I had to go to WoWheads web site to find, concerning the changes to Shadowpriests give me a tiny bit of hope that there may be several ways to play, however, I know what will happen, those high end players will complain the spec is boring and too easy to play, and come Patch 8.1.5 or some number, they will alter the design to make it super complex and challenging, and those with the loudest voices will cheer, and those that remain quiet, will shelve their Priests for another expansion, and they will call this a success because those that are playing the way it is designed are doing well.

It’s only a few weeks until pre-patch and release, and I still have not purchased the expansion.

Don’t even get me started on the blatant push to get people to follow streamers. It’s almost like someone is realizing that the competitive aspect, watching the game played by someone else, really isn’t the golden calf they thought it was. And we know how worshiping the golden calf turned out.


2 thoughts on “Win a Beta key by Screenshotting an enemy kill????

  1. Buy the expansion! Selfishly, I’d miss you as a blogger.
    I missed the blatant push for people to follow streamers. I looked at the twitch thing one time, found that I had picked the streamer with the biggest cleavage and decided that the whole thing was stupid; watching someone else play a game.

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    1. I’ll get it. Lol.
      I figured out what Twitch reminded me of. The old America Online chat rooms. Only with no limit on how many people can be in a room. I only have an account because they bought Curse. Two seconds after I download any add on updates I exit that program. Don’t like it at all.

      As for beta, I have it. Played for about two hours one night with my wife. We go to a point and just logged out after reporting bugs. I popped in about two weeks ago to try target dummies. Things felt out of sorts. Probably due to changes in gear and then still adjusting things. I considered posting about it in the beta forums, but they won’t listen to one player, even if I had back up data to support my opinion. I don’t have 10,000 twitch followers, so I know my opinion isn’t worth anything.

      I’ve come to the conclusion that we can either play the game the way they want, or walk away. They have a long term goal of making everything viewable and will either force it to work, or eventually give up. I’m sure they want people like me to just be quiet and go play Classic when it’s released.

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