Just want to say right off that this is not a Warcraft blog post.

There is a great deal of irony this morning.  I, on occasion, read blog posts of some people that I use to read frequently.  I tend to not read what they are saying any more because I do not particularly agree with them.  Not necessarily their view point, but more in the way that they choose to convey it.  What I find ironic is that there is a prevalence in educated people, that are better off than most others, to state their views and desires for the world to be a different place than it currently is.  And they do not see the irony in proclaiming that it is wrong for people to force others to accept their way of looking at things, while they are saying that we need to look at things their way.  Certainly the world has a great deal of troubles.  But I have to wonder now, if perhaps the trouble is a result of educated better off people pushing their desires to change the world.

I read some sobering information the other day.  Yeah, I don’t just live in my little Warcraft World hoping the rest of the world won’t implode on itself.  Did you know that over 1.5 billion people in the world live on less than $1 a day, or that 80% of the worlds population lives on less than $10?  20% of the worlds population lives well above what the world poverty line is.  in 2005, I believe, it was raised to $1.25 a day.  And you are probably asking yourself, how can this possibly be?  Well you need to look also that a great deal of the poorest countries are kept that way by the more affluent nations.  We send millions of tons of food to starving countries every year, and in so doing have destroyed their economy.  A farmer cannot afford to grow crops when the United States sends a few million tons to hand out to people for free.  It comes down to the old adage, if you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, if you teach him to fish he will live a lifetime.  Absolutely the richer nations of the world should be ready to step in to aid a country after a natural disaster, but rather than shipping tons of food, most of which spoils before it can be handed out, perhaps we would do better to help the farmer better grow his crops, give him the means to plant more efficiently, help him with irrigation, and harvesting methods.  But see that is also me falling into the trap of having an idea on how to solve a problem, but I recognize it as such.  I know that I will not solve the worlds problems from behind my keyboard writing a blog post.  Nor do I even think for a moment that being on social media shouting at the internet will do even better.  No.  I choose to do what I can to help people that I know, or to contribute to my community.

There is an old phrase, ‘It takes a village”.  When you look at tribes living in the jungles of Africa, or in the mountains in South America, people so far off the grid they don’t even know what the term grid means.  That have their own culture, where everyone in their community has to contribute in order for all to survive, where they have no concept of money, and have lived their lives happily without us bothering them, why do we feel that telling them they need to adopt our values and way of life, is better.  Because we say so?  Because we have more money, better education, better health care?  I am sure many wouldn’t really care.  So why do we think that because we desire their life to be like ours, that it makes us right.

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