Z and Cinder’s Blog challenge 36

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Blog Challenge 36 Farewell to Legion

Hmmm, what were my top 3 moments.

First off my hat has to tip to the cinematic’s team.  When Khadgar teleported Dalaran, that was certainly a “Yeah, that’s right, I teleported an entire city”

Image result for puts on sunglasses animated  gif

The Alliance and Horde attacks on Broken Shore were very good, even though my personal feeling is it portrayed the Horde in a negative light by showing us abandoning the fight from the Alliance point of view.

The choices we were given in how we wanted to level, instead of a set path, we were given the option of zones to choose our path.  And leveling did not seem as bad on the ground as it did in some areas of Draenor where you needed to get to a place behind a mountain range with no clear way to get there.

The introduction of Mythic+ to dungeon levels was not too bad, however, gating quests and professions behind running Mythic did leave me a bit lacking in enthusiasm.

What am I looking forward too in Legion?

Well I briefly thought that I had 93 exalted reps, and the prospect of getting the title and reward for 100 seemed like a goal I could go after, however it appears some of the Best Friends do not count towards the total, so that may be something I finally get in the next expansion.

I honestly don’t know what I hope to get from Legion, I do hope that there is more than one way to play my Shadowpriest, that they realize that the gap between the top players and everyone else was too big.  I hope that I feel a restored confidence in my abilities to a point where I want to raid once again, but not counting on it.  Mostly I am hoping that I will still be the guy running the guild, wishing everyone a congrats as they ding 120 on their characters, congratulating the raid team when they finish Ahead of the Curve heroics for current tiers, and I hope that I can find some fun in the game.

Oh, and no more puzzles.


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