Grey and Gray Morality

I went looking for a definition of morally grey this morning and ran across this web site

And reading the article, it sounds all too familiar, especially this part,

In some cases, the story will end with both sides teaming up against an unambiguously evil third faction, who may even have been behind the war in the first place. When this villain is defeated, the grey sides almost invariably decide to live in peace (in the harsher version, the casualties from fighting that villain may find that there is actually now enough of whatever they fought over for all the survivors. Ultra-harsh version of this has the realization that the resources have been spent on the war).

Wow, that pretty much covered the framework for the expansion we are leading into.


I wanted to write this morning about how I personally feel that Blizzard stepped over a line with this weeks lead up.

Image result for we don't cross that line

I have not played through the Alliance portion, from what I have read, I have absolutely no intention of ever doing so.  Certainly we have done some shady shite in our years playing WoW. I mean come on, we have taken orphans into battlegrounds for a quest.  Do I need to remind everyone about Evie Stormstout?  Maybe it is my age, maybe I personally feel that some lines should not be crossed, even if the argument is that they are not real people, they are just pixels in a game.

What they wrote into the Alliance scenario to me was not morally grey, Robin Hood stealing from the rich to give to the poor is morally grey, Walter White in Breaking Bad was a morally grey character.  Developing a plot line where you need to rescue hundreds of women and children before they are consumed by fire, when you know that it is impossible is not even skirting the line, or putting one foot over the one, it is taking a running leap and jumping so far over that you have landed in an area where many will find the direction unconscionable.

I absolutely hope that this direction is abandoned as quickly as possible, because if they are willing to move the line that exists that should not be crossed no matter the story, or the emotions you want to stir up, then I cannot imagine where the new line would be.  If you want to incorporate War into your narrative to design around, and the burning of women and children is fair game, what is next…….

11 thoughts on “Grey and Gray Morality

  1. (Just stating this in advance, I don’t play WoW, nor will I ever)

    I just finished a Dystopian Young Adult book series. It’s one of the darkest I’ve read in years. There is a lot of abuse of women and children. People die. The bad ones, but also the good ones. One of the most horrific scenes I’ve read is in there. I was shocked. I was also glad it was in there. Art can shock and if it’s part of a story that needs to be told, so be it.

    That was in a novel. It’s a story being told. It’s not an interactive game that makes you a part of the story. Games are made to be more a more immersive medium. There are games that I chose not play because of certain events happening there or just the morality of things.

    I fully understand what you’re saying and I think that you’re right to say that events like this should not be included. I honestly hope that the expansion has a good explanation of why this happened. Maybe a dev can give more insight about why they decided to take this path in their development.

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    1. Yeah, to me they’ve moved the line towards a very dark place. And if they feel it’s acceptable now, where will they move it the next time to push the limits.

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      1. Lol. My wife and I watched True Blood. We use to joke that a good drinking game would be to drink any time Vampire Bill said Sookie

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  2. That moment in the cinematic where Sylvanas turns Summermoon’s head, forcing her to watch Teldrassil burn puts me at such…is the term unease? It was absolutely horrific to me. I guess that, to Blizzard, means they did it well – since it has such an impact. It’s horrible. I just wrote elsewhere, something I realized today; If WoW was a movie, I would not watch it right now. I’m not sure what to do with that.

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      1. I know what you mean. It reminds me of a show called How I Met Your Mother – and how, despite the character development on the show that has been going on for many years, the writers still chose the ending they had in mind when they first started writing the show; essentially going against what had happened during the time it had aired. It was so wrong.

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