Is it too late….

Last night Old Soldier dropped

It is a very moving cinematic.  Does it’s best to show the true Horde, how Honor is key, and is top notch, which we have all come to expect from the cinematic department.  After watching, I have to wonder if there is another that bridges between this one and the other

And maybe even a few with the Alliance we have not seen yet.

Chris Metzen took to Twitter to tell everyone to take a deep breath, and a part of me wonders if perhaps a phone call may have been made asking him to do so, since he has the respect of a great many people.  With all of the mentions I have seen about Blizzard folk taking to social media, I wonder if the reaction to the burning of Darnasus went just a bit too far and they are working at damage control.

I still need to purchase the expansion, I was going to wait until the weekend prior, but it seems that it is required in order to do what is coming on Tuesday.  So there goes $100 I wasn’t planning on spending for our two accounts.  I am still not entirely sold on the direction that the expansion seems to be heading.  I have no interest in fighting Alliance players, or enabling Warmode to gain an extra 10% experience questing so I can get to level 120 10% faster.  Because I know I would be spending 20% of my time or more running back to my body, waiting for a chance to rez and hearth back to town so I could turn off PvP and continue questing.  I’m sure many will be enjoying the fight.

So this was Blaugust day 3, I’m 3 for 3 so far.  The weekend will be the toughest.  Stay tuned, and thank you everyone that has stopped by in the past few days and followed along.  I will do my best to keep you coming back.

14 thoughts on “Is it too late….

  1. Wow, that sure says something. You could be right about that Chris Metzen part. Thank you for keeping me informed!

    I think timegating really stands in the way of everything here. Like, imagine if we were doing a quest on a much smaller scale, and we had to come back next week, knowing nothing of what would happen in between. No matter the content of it, it would be aggrevating (right word?)

    I hope it will be worth the 100$!

    Well going on Blaugust 🙂 Is it just posting something every day or does it have to be specific?

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    1. I have to wonder about time. The majority of the Alliance forces were heading to Silithas, but here we see the entire army with siege towers all assembled. I know we have magic and portals and flying mounts. But you don’t assemble an army over night.

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      1. Oh, yes, don’t think about time in game. It’s so off. So very off. I remember when I was RPing. It would take us many days to travel across the continents. And taking a portal could have many consequences to your health (Forgive me, I cannot remember the exact details)

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  2. Selfishly I’m glad you are moving along into the next expansion.
    And, there IS an idea of Warmode; and that is during these first several weeks, both sides will be on their own sides — it might be worth it to turn on warmode until you should turn it off. There may be few opponents (or many allies) in the first week or so.

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    1. The last few years PvP has, for lack of a better phrase, sucked all the enjoyment out of it, for me. I never cared if I died 50 times. But it got to a point where I felt like I was pushed into doing it when I had no interest. I think it may have been early Cata when Alliance players would flag up under an objective in the hopes you would accidentally hit them. I recall one evening my wife and I both got flagged, and we just say there tabbed out until the counter hit 0.

      I think now it will be the additional abilities that I would need to learn that are not there all the time. I have enough trouble learning one way to play. Lol.

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  3. An idea for a topic for Blaugust that many will find interesting 🙂

    Could be something along the lines of, Should the story of a game be told on Twitter, YouTube and various others sites, without including, even important facts, in the storytelling inside the game?

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