Dune, Lord of the Rings, Warcraft, and the cutting room floor

Alunaria wrote a very moving post this morning about the War of Thorns  There is not much more I could add to what she said.  It expresses the sentiment of a great many people.  And what she has said is so true.  And I was thinking about it, and spreading the story out to many different medias can detract from the finished product.

Frank Herbert’s novel Dune was made into a movie, the theatrical release was a little less than 2 hours.  The movie was chopped up so badly to fit a running time that there were a great deal of parts that made no sense.  You got the beginning, the middle, the end.  The movie did not do very well.  Lord of the Rings was edited much better, but again, a lot was left on the cutting room floor.  And well, we all know about Warcraft.  I think I read a comment from the director that there easily could have been another 45 minutes.  Removing large chunks of the tale to fit a running time, or in our case in the game, not having the development time to get the story into the game, you just focus on what minimum you need, go for the big statements, and if there is time, fill in the gaps.  The rest of the short stories, and books can get published and sold as part of the Collectors Edition, posted on WoWhead so they can get clicks to pay the bills and stay open, or publish paperback books, much like they did with Warcrimes.

It is not a perfect solution, and I am sure a great many people at Blizzard would have loved to have had an additional 3-4 months to tie it all together, but we are a ravenous beast that want’s our new content, and we want it now, so they put out a ship date, and do all they can to get as much as possible in, the rest is left undone. Here is a fair example of a simple room,
Related image

It’s the same room, doesn’t alter that it is still a room, but the difference is noticeable.  Perhaps Blizzard needs to step back and say that we will release it when it’s done, and stand their ground.  Because “Just ship it, we will fix it later” is really doing a lot of damage.

4 thoughts on “Dune, Lord of the Rings, Warcraft, and the cutting room floor

  1. Wow, what a difference in that gif. Good comparison, I can follow that.

    I didn’t even consider that with wowhead. But I see that their site overhaul and constant new threads is proof of that.

    Just ship it and we will fix it later seem to be the case right now indeed, well put.

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