Sunday’s Blaugust post today

The weekends are tough for me, finding the time to even play is not so simple, let alone knocking out a few hundred words.  So here is the belated posting.

I purchased the Battle for Azeroth Expansion Sunday evening.  When I logged in I had a quest to go talk to Sylvannas in Org in the new building that now occupies what was the Goblin slums, sorry guys you got the boot.  She of course had some dialog for me to hear, got to meet some emissaries and of course a few new quests.  So off we went first to Thunderbluff to talk to a guy, who had some things, then things got dark and we had to fight some stuff, then it was off to Thundertotem, to talk to a guy, who had us fly over to meet him elsewhere, to do 3? or was it 4 mini scenarios where we were activating some wards, and finally had a show down with An Old GOD????  Wait, where did this come in.  Somethings not right.  Got through all of that, repeated the same for the Elves, died twice during the Sunwell scenario, because when it was originally available my abilities and stats would have made it trivial.  Got two mounts, unlocked two of the new playable races, and called it an evening.

It felt out of place story wise, because it was.  It was intended to be done prior to all of this War of Thorns stuff happening.  I can only imagine the level of confusion to a new player, well I guess they would not be confused because the last 3 weeks will be over never to be seen again.  There is a distinct lack of continuity to the game that only gets larger with every expansion.  Doing low level quests in Silverpine forest on a level 110 that did them all before Cataclysm revamped the zones, seeing Garrosh, when I know he is already dead, just makes me shake my head and chock it up to, yeah, you weren’t meant to see that now, that is old stuff.  Move along, nothing to see here.  And I can see where someone new to the game boosting a character to 100 or 110 would find themselves later on filling in the missing pieces wondering what is going on.  Perhaps a good exercise for new employees to Blizzard would be to go back to update things so that people who have completed lines of campaigns, or entire expansions will see things differently.  If we kill the Dark Lady in BfA, how will it work with here still a part of the attack on Gilneas.  I wonder if they are painting themselves into a corner, and the only option left will be to walk across the wet paint and leave a mess.

4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Blaugust post today

  1. I think the disconnect of a new player is one of the reasons for adding the boosted charcter to the purchase of every expac. With that any new player that buys into WoW is instantly moved beyond that to new content where they realise they can go back and explore old content. For the ones that go the sub only route there for sure are moments that won’t make sense.

    I’ve thought many times on how they could realistically address that. The only option I could come up with was to have a generic quest series that exists only on Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. This series could use scaling tech that would net you enough xp to reach what ever baseline level is needed for the current expansions content. At the end you get the summon to move forward to the new expac and in your adventure guide it could show ‘Join the new stuff or Explore Azeroths past’.

    Sadly that would take an insane amount of work almost on the level of Cataclysm itself and I’m not really sure it would be worth the expense for them nor the attention it would divert from current content for us.

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  2. Oh, I hear you. It must be so confusing for new players. Then again, WoW has grown so large, than no matter what, a linear “line” of questing is impossible, especially now you can skip a whole continent.

    I can imagine though, that as a new player, I would probably just devour everything lore orientated if that was my thing, and just shrug of those things that didn’t make too much sense.

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