T minus 7 days

Today we get the “limited duration, full on battle, that previously was only available to those that had pre-purchased the Battle for Azeroth expansion, scenario/raid, start of the war, thing”

I have plans to log in tonight to get through it. If I recall from beta we are going to queue up for a LFR type raid group. Fortunately a lot of people know where to go already so I will be doing pretty much as I did in Beta. Just following along trying to keep up and stay alive.

Quite honestly they have a long way to go to win me back. I’m in for the expansion, in what ever form it takes, if I don’t enjoy it, I have enough things to do on a weekly basis to keep me busy, unless they try to fiddle around with zone scaling more. The way the entire expansion has been sold, honestly has not grabbed my enthusiasm. I was hesitant to plop down $50 for incentives I won’t use. I have no interest in new playable races, don’t want or need a level 110 boost, and would have felt better if I could have just unlocked the content for $25.

Maybe World of Warcraft has tried to get that one season too many. They’ve jumped the shark certainly, many times, they’ve tried to rework things, and now are shaking it all up trying to ignite old conflicts. Oh, and Old Gods. I will see if I have time today to read the free downloads of the story, but I don’t think it will change how I feel about the state of the game or how it is being driven to meet a production schedule.

Anyway, happy Tuesday reset day. Have fun storming the castle.

2 thoughts on “T minus 7 days

  1. The story is what hooks me the most in WoW. Legion was so appealing to me in terms of story. BfA so far is not at all, to a point where I have not played in days. Such a huge shame.

    All that keeps me going is the Battle for Lordaeron and knowing/hoping Tyrande and Malfurion is there; I can’t imagine them not being there, that would be the most bizarre thing, given what just happened. It is my hope that a battle scene with them vs Sylvanas, and a few decent written dialogues will help me get back to the game.

    And lol, everytime I visit your site in the WordPress Reader, I get this post suggested: https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/120036176/posts/5345 – which means, that the gif is constantly playing right above my “reply” post :p

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