Did the stat squish just make a bigger mess

I know it had to happen. The stats on gear get too high and we go through another two expansions of power creep. They have mentioned 15 iLvls on gear per tier, so that’s potentially 60 an expansion. I have to wonder if the decision made to squish the stats, put them in a grape press, and then send them down to the deepest depths of the Marianas trench to get us where we are today may have gone too far.

Part of the leveling process is improving your gear so you have better damage, heals, or survivability. We just got done making a run up to 1000. And this was after having squashed everything 4 years prior. We are now waking around in level 210ish gear, which I haven’t seen a number like that since well Wrath of the Lich King. It certainly adds a level of complexity when you look at high end gear sets from older expansions and try to wrap you head around what is a better upgrade.

What is difficult for me is how much they smashed our damage. I recall the last time it felt like we went from levels of 500,000 DPS and we’re reducing to 50,000. Ok that’s a number I can understand. But now I’ve gone from 650,000, down to 1,400. Even running the Battle of Lorderon, with piles of targets to AoE, I think I saw about 2,300. Being level 110, I want to feel powerful. I don’t. I feel like I am back to running level 40 content. Maybe they are hoping this will buy them 6 years, I hope they figure out something, because this is so far in the opposite direction, I really don’t want to play.

16 thoughts on “Did the stat squish just make a bigger mess

  1. And I haven’t really noticed the numbers being any less satisfying because they’re all relative to the content. I still do 500k to old raid bosses, but my 5k Shadow Word Death on elites in Highmountain still blows up their health bar real good, and it still feels just as satisfying.

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    1. I know I could walk into The Wintergrasp Raid, grab all 4 bosses, and do hundreds of millions in damage in one shot. But doing the Sunwell scenario the other day for unlocking playable races I died trying to fight 2 adds. I almost prefer hanging out in older content so I at least feel like I am somewhat powerful. As it is, my single target damage is half of what others are doing. Maybe I’m just a bad player, but feeling like you are one of the most powerful characters in a game shouldn’t involve having to go back to lower level areas to be a bully.

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      1. I can see that. I haven’t had that issue with dying in much of the new content except Argus. I got my head handed to me in some of those invasions on my Mage and it made me realize I pretty much gotta play characters who can heal. I’m REALLY bad at surviving with just utility spells and abilities

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      2. Yeah, I’m coming from a playstyle where I was healing myself by doing damage, but they changed up the class design, so now I’m back to just picking off targets 1 by 1. And it’s tough to see others just grabbing up all they can and nuking them down taking barely a scratch. I’m sure 10 levels, and better gear will improve things. But it’s tough getting use to this big a change.

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      3. Shadowpriest. I know they have said there will be changes made sometime after patch 8.1, but that doesn’t do much good right now. Lol

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      4. Probably that too. There is a relatively straight forward set of choices that are mostly passive, and the “RAWR, mash all the buttons”. I went with the more simplified until they work out what they want the class to do.

        I just have to live with it until sometime down the road and figure out how complex I want to get. The Legion style was too over the top for me. I’m guessing BfA probably will be too, but I’m willing to wait and see.

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  2. I actually have combat numbers toggled off, so I do not see them on screen. So to me it does not feel all that different last time I played. I imagine though, seeing such small numbers takes a whole to get used to!

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    1. Its perception too. Going from being able to fight 5-6 level 110’s in Suramar and barely breaking a sweat, to being worried about fighting 2, and having to eat, heal, or bandage between fight.

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  3. Seems I was never really focused on the numbers, because last time I was pretty happy for the squish because I find 5k damage much more reasonable than 500k. Sure, I didn’t play for a while now but I’ve switched off scrolling combat text numbers years ago and never looked back 😛
    Number of casts to kill, amount of time until the mob goes down – sure. But the numbers? Couldn’t care less 🙂

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  4. I think I don’t pay much mind to the specific numbers either. I still have them turned on but I generally just go by feel and adjust my pulls accordingly. The only time I really see any number is in the meter where I’m trying to gauge my performance relatively to improve myself for the team.

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