I don’t want to be a hero


We all have an ideal of how our characters came to be in the game.  Some have devoted entire back stories, heck, I even gave it a shot once, stay awhile and listen

Looking back on 9 years of playing the same character, expansion after expansion, I realize that he never wanted to be a hero, or a champion. Oh sure when I started playing as a Night Elf Priest, seeing World Defense pop up that the Horde were attacking Ashenvale, sounds familiar for some reason, I would fly out on my then only level 40 or 50 Priest.  I would take little shots at the skull level Horde players, vowing that one day I would be the player that came to the rescue, the one not afraid to jump into a fight, even knowing I would not win.  I ran Alterac Valley so many times it is the one PvP faction I am exalted with.  And when I needed to change factions because of issues with real people and their attitudes about players, I realized something.  The people on both sides were not super dedicated to faction loyalty, or interested in griefing other players.  They were just like me.  Doing what needed to be done to keep the world safe.

I like to hope that there will be a huge “Ohhhh” moment with the story for the coming expansion, some revelation that things had to happen the way they did for a reason.  Maybe it’s all Chromie’s fault, she is a Gnome, and well, they have their own secrets.  I just know that I have gotten tired of being heralded as a Champion, or a Hero.  I am just the guy (Panda) that shows up for the fight to keep our world safe.

4 thoughts on “I don’t want to be a hero

  1. I think we have that “ohhh” moment coming on. But it will be more of a “GOTCHA!” moment.

    I am with you; I long to be a traveller in Duskwood, just passing by, helping a few citizens. Not referred to as Champion.

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  2. I can so relate to the earlier days of WoW. Racing back to defend Astranaar or Auberdine poking at the Hordies far to high level for me to even see and casting insignificant heals in a vai attempt to help my allies. I do miss those days where I wass no hero, champion or even more silly Archdruid.

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  3. I always thought of myself, before they started calling me a champion, as a mercenary. “Oh, you will pay me to go kill a problem? Sure, man.” Then it is my choice to go, as a Hero; one is a bit compelled and pushed to the front to face that dragon with a tiny shield and a broken sword.

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