I have a job

Today is one of those days when most people would just flip a table and walk out of their job never to come back.

So since it is tell us a little about yourself week for Blaugust, today is as good as any.  I graduated High School in 1981, yes I really am that old.  I went off to college to be an engineer, things did not work out all that well, I went from being one of the brightest kids in High School, to 10 in my class, to being just another number at a top ranked college.  It was radically different in how they taught, it was all theory and formulas, and I struggled.  Don’t even get me going on that new computer programming stuff like Basic, Fortran, Cobal. So things did not work out. I came home to parents divorcing, tried going to a local college for Computer Drafting, with driving my sister to college 15 miles, and then 30 to mine, back to pick her up, and working part time at the mall, I burned out.  I ended up enrolling at a Tech School, finished their drafting program 2 months early, got my first job, and I have been here ever since.  That was 32 years ago.  I draw buildings.  Big ones, small ones, Stadiums, Apartment buildings, college buildings, Elementary schools, High schools, I have probably draw close to 500 or more in the last 30 years.  So I think I know my job pretty well.  About 18 years ago computers and drafting reached a point where you either did work on the computer, or you were not working.  I took a semester of night classes, and taught myself the rest.  I know enough about computers to be dangerous.  When I look back on 30+ years, at how things have changed, and I think that computers have not really made things better or easier.  It has raised the level of accuracy certainly, and for a time they did make things go faster, but now I find myself spending more time doing accounting work than actually drawing things.  And it is frustrating to me to need to spend 2 hours making adjustments to spread sheets to keep the numbers balanced.  When I started things were much simpler.  The first buildings I ever drew are still standing today.  They would never get approved in today’s world.  Some of the first stadiums I worked on have been torn down and replaced, but they had a devil of a time demolishing them with far less than we need today.  Computers have helped make a lot of things better, but there is also a great deal that they have hindered. Where years ago we would make a phone call to raise a flag, and it was taken care of verbally in minutes, now involves filling out change orders, and back up documentation taking an hour just in paperwork.  A simple phone call has been replaced with a chain of emails to 17 different people, who email all parties back creating an overlapping series of CC’s that makes my head spin.  I had 16 emails this morning for something so simple it took me 30 seconds to address.  But this is my world.  I deal with it every day.  I have a goal to do this for another 18 years so I can say, yeah, I worked a job for 50 years.

So enjoy your weekend, I probably won’t have anything to write about, see you all Monday.

4 thoughts on “I have a job

  1. Oooh will you show your drawings? I hear you on that; computers can be beneficial just as well as they can be, is the word hindrance? Or maybe it’s more who’s using them, heh.

    Good to get to know better 🙂

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