What do you say……

When you run across a stranger of the opposing faction in real life.

This morning I was at BJs Wholesale to get propane for a BBQ. The young guy at the tire office standing outside saw the Horde emblem on the back of my truck. He asked me if I had put the emblem on. I said yeah I did. We play World of Warcraft. And I laughed a little. It’s not often you run into a stranger that plays WoW. What he said next made me chuckle.

Dude, you play the wrong faction.

So I laughed a little, got in my car and drove off. But it got me thinking. What should I have said. Besides the obvious For the Horde. Because right now that has a hollow sound to it.

So what would you say?


8 thoughts on “What do you say……

  1. Good question. I would have to go with “Wait and see, wait and see” and then add in a very Ion-smug lookin’ face! 😀 (I’m sorry I could not help myself)

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