Blaugust over the hump

Ran late getting to work, and not really much I can think of to write about.  So we are over the half way point to Blaugust, so many great bloggers have written hundreds of blogs.  I have enjoyed reading them all.  I thought I would take a fast look at what I have written and link them all in one shot.  So here we go.

August 1st Burning a tree

August 2nd Morally Grey

August 3rd Old Soldier

Missed Saturday and Sunday  😦

August 6th, Alunaria thoughts

August 6th the sequel Weekends are hard

August 6th the Trilogy, wait what? I didn’t need the Expansion?

August 7th The big battle

August 8th Stat Squish

August 9th Community

August 9th Part Deux I’m not a hero

August 10th I have a job

August 10th I have a job in pictures

August 11th, Do I need to get my main?

August 12th, Give peace a try

August 13th, I was skeptical

August 13th, Don’t be a hypocrite

August 14th Ding 111

August 15th Ding 112

August 15th again? Come on, this two a day needs to stop

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