We finished the first zone

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I won’t get all spoilery with what happens.  We are about half way to level 115, we finished up chapter 6 and up popped the quest chain for chapter 7, the final part of Zandalar.  It went well, fighting our way through the whole thing, getting to the cut scene, and the feels.  Then it was “Time to get out of there”

Now normally when a game tells you it’s time to leave, you don’t give it much thought.  I mean we were in an area with level 114 mobs.  Nothing we couldn’t handle right?  Wow.  A little warning there Blizz, or maybe a slightly better indicator of where we were supposed to go.  I think my wife would like to personally deliver her repair bill for the escort quest to get the King out of there.  We got the quest, noticed very quickly everything was now suddenly a level 120 looking to kill us, started running up the stair we came in on, because we thought that was the way to go.  The King is no help, he is just following along.  I managed to get back down the stairs with 30% health and started running up another flight, more 120’s in the way immediately coming for us.  My wife died.  I managed to use Dispersion to get up the next set of stairs and saw the destination, still had one 120 chasing me.  I managed to get him down.  SERIOUSLY???? WHAT THE ACTUAL FRAK.  333xp for killing something solo over 5 levels higher than me?  OK, ok, keep calm.  It is just a game.

So about 10 minutes of my wife getting her body, having to go back to get the King, trying to run up the stairs by herself because I can’t get down to her with a patrol right at the bottom of the stairs.  Eventually she makes it up and we grab all of the new quests.  Up the stairs and kill a rare, and we are mid way up a mountain with no where to go.  AN entire city of 120’s below us, and no way out.  So we hoped down into the water hoping to ride out down the river.  But that was a dead end.  Meanwhile a pack of baby Velociraptor’s thought we would make a good meal killed us both.  Then there was the 10 minute run back to our bodies from the initial starting point of the whole quest.  The confusion of trying to figure out how to get back there because there was now an Instance portal we had to go through.  Finally we just decided let’s go through it and see what happens.  We eventually made it around to our corpses, rezed, went back to Org with our Tol Barad tabbard’s because that is far faster than navigating your way around to get back to the Pyramid, paid several hundred gold in repairs, turned in the quests, and got a pile more.  It was beyond late.  We were both exhausted, both ready to just walk away.  Took the flight plan to finish off one last turn in and it opened up 4 more quests.  That was when I said, that’s it.  I’m done.  Hearthed back to Dalaran, went into the class hall, and exited the game.  I got 4 1/2 hours sleep last night.  I left the game aggravated, I was not excited for completing a story line, was not thrilled with getting yet another Blue Head piece, not anxious to get going into the next zone.  I woke up at 5am, and my first thought was I don’t want to log in tonight.  And we are not even through the first week, not even half way to 120.

I am sure it will get better.  But this was a sour experience for me.  And I certainly hope there are not a string of experiences like it in the coming months.


5 thoughts on “We finished the first zone

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy your experience! Personally I like it when you get to a new zone and it’s just a tad too hard and you have to work a little extra. That definitely seems like a ways beyond that, though. I hope it gets better. I wonder if Alliance side will be much different.

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  2. Oh darn that sounds so frustrating! I guess it’s part of new expansions, not knowing where to go or what to do, but still, I can relate to the annoyance. I do not know the zones, so cannot offer advice, sorry. Press on!

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    1. With so many of the quest chains ending with a mount you hop on to go back to a point, we were in the dark with where to go. You end up stuck in a corner with no option except to hearth out. Which seems wrong to go back to some other place when you got some quests at the end of what you just completed. Mostly just a lot of frustration at wasting a half hour of our limited time trying to get our bodies back.

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