The thought shouldn’t cross my mind

I had a call the other day. There was a fraudulent charge of $982 to a music store on my credit card. The card that pretty much is there for emergency purchases and the monthly WoW subscription. That’s about it. I’m not saying it was Blizzards fault, who knows how or where scammers get the info to fake purchases. But as a result I needed to close out the card. I knew I would have a replacement a good week or more before the sub hit. So it came in the other day, I logged into battlenet to change payment info, took a few minutes to delete all of the old credit cards that had expired, and thought that was it. So it was unexpected yesterday to get emails on our two accounts that our accounts would be closed on September 12th. 9 years of continuous payments made, and we just got a stock form letter that our accounts would be closed. So we logged into battlenet, checked to make sure the payment was fine. It was. And I sat there looking at the note. Renew your subscription and debated. I did of course, but I just felt a nagging feeling. Why?


5 thoughts on “The thought shouldn’t cross my mind

  1. Oh my what a bad experience 😦
    And strange your card number was out if you have used it to Blizz and not much else. :-O
    One can de-register card on after paying. Have to reactivate it again each payment, but to me feels a bit safer. Recently I spent game tokens, one reason being our currency (SEK) has gone down, so I try to avoid spend real money on foreign prices.

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  2. Did you read my latest post? 🙂

    I almost didn’t subscribe. I did again (too) only because I’m actually enjoying Horde (for the first time) and curious to explore that a bit more.

    It’s an odd expansion, and I loved Legion.

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    1. Yes I did. It was a moment thinking, there is so much to do it’s beyond overwhelming and I will never be able to keep up, will be relegated to wait for the catch ups. Why bother playing if the game requires more time than you can commit to.

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  3. I can relate to what you mean. But I cannot pin point what it is about BfA that puts me off! I am holding off with any kind of “judgement” till I have been level 120 for a good while though, but still. Maybe it’s the story we lack, right now? At least for me, it is the story that drives me. And I feel as if my character is in a bubble in Kul Tiras, after the burning of Teldrassil. Like two seperate timelines completely.

    I am feeling a tad overwhelmed with the game these days, too much to do, and without any sense of direction entirely. I guess it is a good thing, having plenty of things to do, even though its all optional, I feel so overwhelmed 😦 Too little time to game now.

    I’m sorry about the fraud happening to you, that must be very upsetting.

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