the new mount, game time, and personal choice

Seen a great deal of discussion on the new mount.  Initially I was hopeful that since I have had a continuous subscription for over 9 years that I was going to log in and see it in my mount list.  But it was not to be.  “If” I had a 6 month subscription, or if I sign up for a 6 month subscription, then yes I will get the mount.  And I am going to pass.  I have two accounts I pay for every month, and while I can justify the $30 a month we pay, I cannot justify dropping $160 for 6 months of game time on both of our accounts just for a novelty mount that would get used a couple of times, then get put back in storage to be rarely seen again.

There are a lot of people saying that it is a money grab by Blizzard, or a way to stop bleeding subscribers.  Neither are really correct.  I will say that it was excellent marketing strategy to roll it out not long after Ion gave a big presentation on all of the stuff in the pipeline coming, to ride the wave of hype into getting people to commit to playing for the next 6 months.  It is not a ploy to grab money, over a 6 month period it will be a capital loss of $2 a month for the 6 month period per player that signs up for the 6 month subscription plan.  Certainly the 4th quarter numbers for income will see a moderate increase in revenue, but it will have to be carried on the books as a net loss until the 6 months is up.  Or something like that.  I am not really up on accounting procedures.  It is not a means to keep subscription numbers up either, because they have switched to the MAU metric for reporting data.  What matters most to them is that people continue to keep logging into the game and playing.

Me personally?  Yeah I thought it looked cool, they took the more recent Horde blimp and the Alliance ship.  For me it is just another mount.  The only mount that has any real meaning for me is the Grove Warden, and I put in the work I had to in order to get it.  It is not something I bought that I will parade around.  People can do what ever they want with their hard earned cash.  Which come to think of it, might be a possible explanation also.  People are dumping over 500,000g to convert to cash in the shop to buy game time.  So maybe they were looking for a way to pull more gold out of the economy.

10 thoughts on “the new mount, game time, and personal choice

  1. I thought it looked cool too – but as a Druid “main” I don’t really use mounts anyway.

    I do wish they would reward continuous subscribers and recognize the loyalty and commitment that takes. Every other business does in one form or another and its just good business to do so. It might make people actually stay on instead of temporarily cancelling, if there was a reward for doing so.

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  2. One really big oversight is that Warfronts do not give 7th Legion Rep. They give 7th Legion Armor, you fight along the 7th Legion, its the WAR part of BFA that is the main focus – yet you don’t get wartime rep for it.

    Super lazy gating.

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    1. I was in Arathi a few times and thought, oh cool, I’m getting Ravenholt rep. Maybe I can finally get this going. I went back in Tuesday, went to where the mobs were giving rep, and nada. So either someone figured it out and fixed it, or someone at Blizz reads my blog. I’m voting for the first. It was a shame too, the generic guys were dropping 5 rep each and higher NPCs were awarding 25.

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