What a charming lady

I saw this from WoWhead, the lady behind Scrollsage Nola

Seeing this video this morning, wow, you go you Maryann Strossner.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to make plans to do all of the Turtle World Quest every day forever now.

3 thoughts on “What a charming lady

  1. Very sweet and inspiring – I have been wondering who voiced that 🙂 Aw I read her Twitter too. I wish to have this much energy and passion when I am her age 🙂

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      1. Yes, me too. And it is nice to see, that once the community makes an effort; there is no hostility flying about. But it’s odd too, right? I mean, if this woman (or man) had been in her, say, 40s – I’m (sadly) quite sure, that there would have been plenty of hate for the way she was dressing, speaking, acting, and comments on her body. It’s a sad observation.

        I am glad that the community managed to put those things aside for once 🙂

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